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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Norris students have now added over 20,049 posts to their Seesaw digital portfolios! K-6 teachers... now may be the time!
Are you a part of the success?  I know many of you are already using Seesaw, but if you have not had a chance to check it out yet, now may be the time!  Give Jason a call and he will be happy to visit with you about what Seesaw can do for you and your students.  Parents love it. Kids love it.  And yes... our teachers love it too. 

Autocorrect and Smart Compose now available for Google Docs on web -  Last year, Google announced improved as-you-type spelling and grammar corrections in Gmail. Now, they are bringing that functionality to Google Docs on the web. This will start rolling out in the next few weeks.  More info here on Autocorrect.  More info here on smart Compose. 

Some great Google Slide Templates and ideas in this one!  Grab them now: 

Are you getting some web pages blocked? If so, let us know!

If you see a warning similar to above, please let Bryan know.  If you can take a screenshot that is helpful. (Use the Print Screen button on your keyboard to use the Greenshot tool.)   We recently replaced our old firewall with a couple of new ones.  In the process, some updated firewall rules and signatures may block a few things.  Let Bryan know and we can slowly get those corrected.

Side note on the firewall - Our old firewall served us for almost 8 years.  That's unheard of in terms of "firewall years".  One more way the district tries to make the pennies stretch.  Also - Kudos to Williams.  I am not sure if there is another school network admin that can swap out a firewall with two new redundant firewalls and see almost no interruptions within the network.  This guy truly rocks!  

How to Add Audio to Google Slides – And an Updated Tool for Easy Recording checkout the tutorial here.  And if you need some audio or music for your presentations checkout Nine Good Sources of Public Domain & Creative Commons Audio. 

12 Alternatives to Google Images Check them out here. 

20 digital bell ringer activities to kickstart class - Check them out!

[HEADS-UP] Famous 'Shark' Got Hooked and Lost 400K in an Embarrassing Email Phishing Scam - phishing emails and scams are something we all need to constantly be aware of.  In this story, they even asked the right questions but that was not enough!  Read the short story here

Turn a video clip into a looping animation by uploading it to You can choose start and end times, crop, add effects, change speed, write text, overlay images, and optimize the file size before saving as a .gif file.  Great tip from @tonyvincent 

Resources from Shake Up Learning! 
You will find hundreds of free resources for using Google and G Suite for Education, Google Classroom, how to get Google Certified, free lesson plans, templates, downloads, tips, tricks, cheat sheets, online professional learning courses for teachers, and much more!

Great tip from @alicekeeler 
I have one Google Sites I use to make lesson tutorials. I just make all the pages hidden from navigation so I can just link to that specific page.    

20 ways to use Pear Deck to engage students

Here's another great tip from Matt at DitchThatTextbook!  Actively engage your students through PearDeck.  It uses your Google Slides presentation.  The free version is enough for most of us!   

13 Tools to Record Audio on Chromebooks and Other Devices 

6 clever Gmail tricks to minimize regret, frustration and spam
Gmail can help keep your inbox -- and your reputation -- clean by giving you control over what comes in and what goes out of your Google account. This is a nice list of 6 tips that I am sure many of you will find useful.  

Google's Teacher Center offers free professional development resources to help educators grow their skills
The Teacher Center houses a variety of free PD resources to help teachers feel confident using Google tools in the classroom. Google’s Teacher Center is a free, interactive online platform with a curriculum developed by educators for educators. Whether your staff is savvy with classroom technology or just getting started, they’ll find courses that expand learning at any level, including video tutorials and multiple certifications to demonstrate mastery of Google tools. The Teacher Center is the go-to spot for educator resources and professional development.  Check out these great resources here

📢 If you use Google Classroom - Check this out! --New Originality reports feature in Classroom  
I know I sent something out in August about this... but I figured I would remind everyone about this feature and now is the time to try it out.  (Unlimited reports are free.)  This could be a great tool if you have students to reports, research papers, term papers, etc..

Our District recently joined the Google Classroom originality reports beta. This is a unique opportunity for you to pilot a new unreleased feature in Classroom and help shape the development. For more information, see this blog post. <--- you will want to read this for more details.

What is Originality Reports in Google Classroom?
Originality reports is a new feature that brings the capabilities of Google search right to your student assignments and grading interface through Google Classroom. The learning tool helps both teachers and students thoroughly review and analyze coursework to make sure it is properly cited and avoid unintentional plagiarism. This feature was designed to help students improve their writing and spot potential issues while saving you time while grading.

Getting Started and FAQs:
  • Share this post via Classroom announcements with your students to help them learn more about how to use the tool for their assignments 
  • Check out instructions for Originality for instructors on the help center
  • For additional support reach out to the Classroom Community Forum

Submitting Feedback
Did you know you can send feedback directly to the Google for Education team via the “Send feedback” button within Classroom? Feedback on products in their early stages have big impact on product design. When submitting bugs, feature requests, or user confusions, be sure to start with Originality Report.” Always include screenshots with feedback.

This feature was designed to help students improve their writing and spot potential issues while saving you time while grading. NOTE - When an instructor enables originality reports for an assignment, all students will be able to create reports up to 3 times for Google Docs files before they turn them in to spot check and correct potential missed citations.

Once the feature is generally available, instructors will be able to access originality reports at no charge for up to 3 assignments in each course they teach. Schools that would like unlimited access can upgrade their instructors to G Suite Enterprise for Education. During the beta, all users can use originality reports as much as they need. NOTE - During the Beta, you will have unlimited use of this. After that time, you will be limited to using it on 3 assignments, so using it on major papers or reports would be the way to go.)

If you have questions or need help... let us know.

And another reminder... Tech training opportunities this summer!  
As noted in my email to staff earlier this week, I am starting to get a few questions about the Google Summit, Doane Classes and more... so I figured I would share what we have. 
  • Doane Classes - For credit (Norris teachers can sit in for free without credit.) 
  • Google Certification classes and stipend.
  • Google Summit - Registrations are due March 30th at 8 am.
  • Tech boot camp.
  • And more...

💥 Tech items - amazing templates, Rivit Reading, Youtube tricks, great add-ons for G Suite, and more in this weeks tech tips

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Want to get through a tutorial videos a little faster? -This tip may be for you! 
Bump up the playback speed to 1.25 or maybe 1.5 to get through the video faster.  (If you want to really make them sound like a chipmunk you can go faster.) 

The Google for Education YouTube Channel has some great videos to keep current on the new tech offerings. 
Checkout their Channel here.     A few good ones include... EDU in 90: Keeping up with DocsEDU in 90: Chrome Extensions to Stay OrganizedEDU in 90: Time-Saving G Suite TipsEDU in 90: More Time-Saving G Suite Tips, and many more! Check them out.  Use the tip above to get through the tips faster!  (If find I can watch the videos in 1.5 speed and still get all the material with time to soak it in.)  

WOW - 50 FREE Templates for Teachers -- Some great templates from DitchThatTextbook - You can make a copy of any of these templates and assign them to your students right away. (Through Google Classroom.)  
Remember... we keep other templates in this Google Drive Folder for Norris Staff.  (Some great K-2 ones as well.) 

Originality reports and rubrics now generally available for Google Classroom users
I have mentioned these in a prior tech email... but they are now fully rolled out. Remember, you can enable the originality reports for up to 3 assignments per class.  More info here.

TinkerCad - Want to start students doing some drawing and 3D modeling - This may be for you.
Tinkercad is a free online collection of software tools that help people all over the world think, create and make. We’re the ideal introduction to Autodesk, the leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software. As a teacher you can create a teacher account and then add students. it allows you to easily manage classes. It's great for designs and circuits.  

Sketup is another good one similar to TinkerCad.  It's online program is free and we are licensed for the full-blown desktop version if you ever need it. (Free through the state.) Checkout the SketchUp for Schools site to get started with the free online version. 

Jeopardy Review Game? 
There are a lot of options when it comes to review games, but I thought I would share a recent question from a staff member on creating a Jeopardy game: 

Use Google Slides:
I like using this Google Slide template. It's free, easy to use and you own the content.  You can add pics, videos, etc.. to each slide (Question). The only downside is that it does not grey-out the question on the main board after it's been used/answered. (We have added this one and several other games as templates in our Google Presentations Gallery at Norris.) 

If you use your projector in extended mode... you can have the game board up on your projector and then have the music (Jeopardy music loop) to start and stop on your teacher computer screen. (Just a thought.) 

Other options: 
SuperTeacherTools has one.  But it is basic with no pics. It is free.  
  • You can print the answer key
  • Slides are fully customizable
This one is a great one too, but no pics.
You can make your own Jeopardy template online

If you are really into Jeopardy and willing to pay a subscription, this one has all the bells and whistles: Factile has some free features too, but the above free ones are better. You get the bells and whistles when you subscribe. . Here are the feature comparisons.   

Copyright & Creativity for Ethical Digital Citizens is a full K-12 suite of resources for teaching copyright, fair use, public domain, and Creative Commons. They have free resources for educators, which include:
  • in-class lesson plans
  • plug-n-play lesson slides
  • independent learning videos
  • visual aids
  • a professional development course for teachers
All resources were developed on a nonprofit basis with input from independent educators, academic copyright experts, and online civil liberties advocates. Check them out here!

Creating with Google Earth: 10 activities to try - Google Earth's new creation tools let students demonstrate their learning on a map. Tell stories. Share information. Then share it with class!  Checkout some ideas here! 

Google Creatability Experiments -  Exploring how creative tools can be made more accessible for everyone.  What is Creatability? Creatability is a set of experiments made in collaboration with creators and allies in the accessibility community. Check them out here

Virtual Desks on Chromebooks
You can now create and organize multiple workspaces within your device with Virtual Desks. Students can create a different desk for each class, or educators can dedicate a desk to multiple projects or tasks. I am not sure if this is that useful of a feature or not... but here is a short video to show you how that works. 

Here is one for the K-8 teachers/students -  Rivet is now available through your Clever dashboard
You can now access Rivet's free reading app through your Clever dashboard! Rivet is a free app with over 3,000 leveled books that helps students practice with confidence by offering: Real-time pronunciation feedback, definition support on tricky words, and reading time tracking to meet daily reading goals.  (It runs through an IOS or Android App... so you need to have Chromebooks that will support that.  All of our touch screen models do as well as all of the staff units... so give it a try.)  I know Jason is already working with a few teachers on this!  If you need help or have questions... let us know. We are here to help!

Speed up your Chromebook:
Delete local files:
You (or your students)  should not store files locally on your Chromebook. - Move locally stored files to the Google Drive! (Or just delete them if you do not need them.) Chromebooks have limited local storage. The closer a device come to storage capacity, the more bogged down it becomes. (Ctrl-J - Jumps you right to the downloads folder on your device.) 

Limit the number of Extensions you run: 
Extensions and apps can really help you get the most out of your Chromebook. Having excessive amounts of extensions enabled can really slow your device down.  Delete any apps or extensions that are suspicious or that you just don’t use.  To check what extensions you have, past this url in your browser:  chrome://extensions/   

You can use this extension (Extensity) to shut off extensions that you only use for certain things.  It's handy to just turn them on when you need them.

Master Chrome OS With These Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts. (Thanks to Jessie Andre for this one)   Check them out here

Slides Randomizer - A Neat Google Slides Add-on -  Use for flashcards or maybe sharing a slide deck via Google Classroom that students have to put back into the correct order/steps.  

Nine Good Sources of Public Domain & Creative Commons Audio  By Richard Byrne Checkout the list here

💥 Tech items - New Gsuite features, video & photo tools, free templates, hyperdocs AND free Chick-Fil-A nuggets until Jan 31st!

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Richard Byrne's Favorite New & Updated Tools in 2019 - This short list of tools from 2019 are always great from one of the best out there!  SlidoGlide Apps , ClassTools , BoClips  and more in this list!  

Please turn off your projectors when you are not using them! -Please do not leave them on over lunch, during your prep period, etc...  It really takes the life off of the projector and bulb. Thanks from your tech department. 

Are you using your Chromebook to its fullest potential?  If it's just sitting at home, your wasting a valuable resource. Use it for staff meetings or maybe casting from it to your projector, 

A few new resources from Google: 
G Suite for Power Users: This page contains resources specifically curated for advanced users so they can get even more out of G Suite.
G Suite Hack for power users: This training has five challenge tasks employees can complete at their own pace, giving them a fun way to learn about G Suite.

New Feature in Gmail Send multiple emails as attachments in Gmail. (This makes it easy to forward a string of emails.) 

 select the emails and then from the overflow (three-dot) menu select “Forward as attachment
View the version history of a new Google Site

Version History coming to new Google Sites in 2020: 
What’s changing: We’re starting to add version history for sites created in new Google Sites, a highly requested feature from our site owners and editors.

Version history will roll out over the course of 2020 for both users creating new sites as well as for previously existing sites. Version history will be gradually enabled on a user-by-user basis for newly created sites, while a separate roll out will enable version history for previously existing sites. We anticipate:
  • By March 2020, all users will have version history enabled for newly created sites
  • By the end of 2020, most existing sites will have version history enabled
Review the latest changes to a new Google Site before publishing

Announced on December 4, 2019  What’s changing
Before publishing changes to your new Google Sites, you can now compare the currently published site with the soon-to-be-published draft site in an annotated, side-by-side view.

How To Share Spark Videos on YouTube - This short article will walk you through the steps. 

Remove Image Backgrounds With PhotoScissors - I shared this one last year, but thought I would share again. And a couple others in this article: Three Ways to Remove Image Backgrounds With Just a Click or Two. 

We have updated and added a few resources to our Computer Science & Coding Resources document. You can checkout our doc here.  (If you have additional resources to add, let us know and we will add them to our resource list.) 

More Options for Copying Presentations in Google Slides
More info via G Suite Updates | When creating a copy of an existing Google Slides presentation, you'll now be able to select specific slides to copy instead of the whole deck and remove the speaker notes from the copy. This feature makes it easier to parse out and share the most relevant content with your team, audience, or other.

If you are using FireFox - UPDATE IT!  (Use Chrome here at school... but I know some of you may use FireFox at home.  If so update it!) 
More info can be found here about this major exploit if you do not update! 

Well, this one is not a phishing email, it's a legit offer. Get a free Chick-Fil-A  8-Ct Chicken Nuggets or Kale Crunch Salad - Now through Jan. 31st.
If you already have the rewards app, open it up... and it will show you the offer.  If not, download the app and join their rewards and you will get the offer via the app. (iOS or Android). 

A Comparison of 6 Blogging Services for Teachers and Students - Updated -  I think for Norris I would use Blogger for the older students and SeeSaw for the younger students.  Checkout the article for more info and options. 

12 Alternatives to Google Images 
Tip: Make sure you get the Pixabay GoogleDoc add-on for docs and the Unsplash addon for Google Slides

Create Your Own Story Cubes with Google Drawings  - With templates to download! More here. 

Hyperdocs and more Hyperdocs!   What is a HyperdocCheckout the templates and Samples

GOOGLE TEMPLATES FOR STUDENTS - Not a new one, but still great templates in this list.


💥 Tech items - Some Christmas tech goodies in this list. Just in time for the Holiday break!

Thursday, December 19, 2019

 Wow... we hit the mother lode in this one! Some great K-12 resources in ...this weeks EdTech Awesomeness newsletter.  Notice how they use Google Slides for their newsletter. 
This one is a repeat - But we are starting to see more staff having these issues. JUST SAY NO to the Allow Show Notifications popup.  ---Are you getting annoying reminders in Windows 10 that look like spam? If so, you are allowing notifications from certain websites and they are popping up in Windows 10.  These can be bad... if you allow them from sites that are not that great.  In other words... the website can continue to spam you with notifications. 

Go into your Chrome settings here: (Paste this in your URL) --->   chrome://settings/content/notifications

Under your Allow - Remove most sites.  (You may still want a few from Google Drive, etc... but most should be removed.)  If you can not remove them via a 3-drop menu, then they are an app or extension you have installed. 

When you go to a website and it asks you this.... say no! 

New Feature in GSuite: Send emails as attachments in Gmail.  More info here. 

Better feedback with Google Classroom -reuse rubrics!
A Norris staff member was just telling me how they needed to add this feature to rubrics. Wll now you can! You can now reuse rubrics from any of your classes if you're in the beta program. (Which we are!)  
Pro tip: add other teachers to your classes to use their rubrics too. More info here

Teaching the 50 states... Free 50 States Digital Interactive Notebook on Google Slides  Remember to use the YouTube Tour the states song and video.  Your kids will remember the states and capitals for years! 

Virtual Field Trip Apps and Websites - These great games, apps, and websites can bring the places and experiences fostered by field trips into the classroom. While not an outright replacement, these field trip tools can offer inspiring and intriguing experiences for students. Checkout the list here.   (Remember - WE have a VR cart/set in the IS & MS, with another one coming to the HS via a foundation grant!) 

Well, I know we all worry about phishing email and being hacked... It could be worse: "Hackers Trick Venture Capital Firm Into Sending Them $1 Million" - There are probably more of these things happening than companies want to admit.  Article can be found here.  

20 sites for students with free time on their hands - Great list from Ditch That Textbook. 

20 end-of-semester video project ideas - Great list from Ditch That Textbook Some of their projects include Flipgride - WE LOVE FLIPGRID.!  Check out Catch the Flipgrid Fever! 30+ ways to use Flipgrid with your class for more resources.

Did you Know.... if you right click on a slide in Google Slides, you can copy it then go into a Google Doc and paste the slide as an image. This is handy when trying to create visuals and graphics inside of a Google Doc. (You can still Insert > Drawing to make visuals within Docs. using the drawing tools.) 

K-2 Creation Apps 
Collection of creation-based early learner (K-2) apps shared by teachers on Twitter. 

Google Sites as Digital Portfolios
I know we have several teachers already doing this... if not, here is a great how-to article to get you started. 

12 video tutorials, strategies and lesson ideas for educators from Ditch Channel.  

Another great tip from Tony Vincent   @tonyvincent

iMovie for iPhone and iPad has does have a green screen option. It's kind of hidden, so I hope this graphic helps you find it. 

Built in accessibility tools
Chromebooks and G Suite have accessibility tools built in, along with many apps and extensions. Learn about how educators use them and find training resources. More info here. 

Tell your story in Google Earth
New creation tools in Google Earth allow you to easily create and share maps and stories about our world with friends, students or coworkers that they can view anywhere on their phone, tablet or laptop. Better yet, you can invite others to collaborate and co-author custom projects with you. 

💥 Tech items - Hour of Code, New Google Earth tools, great updates, new apps & extensions and more! In this weeks tech email.

Friday, December 6, 2019

Starting Dec.16th Drive file suggestions in Google Chrome will be available for all files. 
Drive file suggestions in Chrome allow users to search their Google Drive files directly from the Chrome URL bar, instead of Currently, this functionality is limited to files that users have previously opened in Chrome. Starting on December 16, 2019, users who restart their browsers will be able to search for any Drive files that they have access to, including ones they haven’t previously opened in Chrome.

It's coming! The Hour of Code starts next week! 
Dec. 9-15 2019 is the week for hour of code
Click here: 20+ ways to celebrate the Hour of Code in any class  - From Ditch that Textbook. 

Our Computer Science & Coding Resources doc <--- check it out! has a wealth of info and resources for you.  (If there are others we need to add to this list - let us know~) 

"I hope my teacher sends me home with a packet of worksheets!" ...said NO STUDENT EVER.
Ditch those packets with family choice boards.  A great way to engage students in learning -- and include families -- without a packet of worksheets.  Check out this great idea from Ditch That Textbook. 

Need to have students take a simple picture with their Chromebook (webcam) - Check out this site- Just allow camera access and shoot away! (I have added this resource to our Creating Audio, Video and/or Video Slideshows doc. )

Google Earth gets new creation tools -
Here's how it works:
  1. Students create a new Google Earth project.
  2. They add pins to different locations.
  3. On each pin, they can add images, videos, links, text and more.
  4. When they're done, they can present the project or share it with a link.
Click here: Creating with Google Earth: 10 ideas to try - From Ditch that Textbook. 

How to use Chromebooks offline for eLearning day activities, homework. - Check out this resource from Ditch That Textbook. 

Another great Chrome extension for Accessibility 
Use Immersive Reader on Websites [unofficial]  is another great extension that will read web pages to students as well as increase the page readability by increasing fonts size, removing page clutter etc...  Similar to  Easy Reader, Mercury Reader,  Read Aloud: A Text to Speech Voice Reader, and Announcify.   Each of these have different feature sets to fit your needs. Note: All of these are on our approved list for student installs. 

A Google Slides Add-On ALL teachers need: OK, this is someone else's title for their article... so I am not sure EVERY teacher needs it... ☺  But I can certainly see where it can be handy for many of you. Check it out here.  (This short article will also give you some ideas on using slide deck assignments and then adding to those assignments/projects/portfolios along the way with ease!) 

Add Different Page Numbers to Different Sections in Google Docs
G Suite Updates | You can now customize which sections to add page numbers to and which number to start counting from in Google Docs. This new feature will be rolling out soon. More info here. 

24 Google Docs Templates That Will Make Your Life Easier - Check them out here. 

Great digital citizenship site for classroom talking points with your students. (K-12)  (The website looks like an app on a phone.)  Use this on your classroom projector for some great talking points on a variety of topics. I have added this to our "Digital Citizenship Resources - Norris School District" doc. (Doc is available to all Norris staff.) 

Gameshow Classroom: Comparing Kahoot!, Quizizz, Quizlet Live and Gimkit - Check out the comparison here. 

Great Tools for Making Mind Maps and Flowcharts Article and ideas here. (Includes how-to videos.) 

How to Add Audio to Google Slides – And an Updated Tool for Easy RecordingArticle and ideas here. (Includes how-to videos.) 

20 Google Sites tips and tricks - A nice list of uses and ideas from educators like you!  
New Feature - Google SItes.  Review the latest changes to a new Google Site before publishing. Coming in the next few weeks!
Before publishing changes to your new Google Sites, you can now compare the currently published site with the soon-to-be-published draft site in an annotated, side-by-side view. More info here. 

The Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit is a FREE online conference for teachers, starting on December 21 and closing on January 8, 2020.
It brings together some of the brightest minds in education to discuss technology, pedagogy and more.  More info and registration is here. 
  • All new videos: FREE
  • All previous years' videos: FREE
  • All certificates for PD credit: FREE
Great coding activity for the KG hat gets kids up and moving and unplugged. Kind of a cool idea!

💥 Tech post- Google Slide tools, some nice apps, YouTube tools, free music, and those annoying Windows pop ups... and more in this weeks tech email.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Accessibility Tools Chrome - A presentation by Heather Callihan - Technology Integrationisy, Northwest Public Schools at the Fall NETA Conference.

A couple of nice Google Slide add-ons: 
Slido is a polling service that offers a free Google Slides add-on and companion Chrome extension. Combining the two allows you to easily poll students and other audiences. 

The Unsplash Photos Google Slides add-on gives you instant access to Unsplash's collection of free, royalty-free photographs.

Check out this Google Slide game show template. From Ryan O'Donnell @creativeedtech 
With the new rollout of audio to Google Slides, he added music and sounds to his most popular TV Game Show style review game. Its called "Frazzle" (similar to Heads Up). You access it here for your own free copy.
Note - Norris staff, I have added this to our Google Slide templates folder in our tech docs folder. 

World Wildlife Fund's Together app - WWF Together - Revisiting a Favorite App

The World Wildlife Fund's Together app is a great free app.  Here is a little bit more about the app.   We do have several sets of iPad carts that are available for use in the classroom. 

The WWF Explore! app and WWF Free Rivers  are available in the Google Play store so they could be loaded on our Chromebooks.  (These are different apps and feature sets. They gets great reviews.) 

Easy Ways to Add Polls & Quizzes to Existing Slideshows  More info here

If you have not used FlipGrid - You need to give Jason a call and have him show you this cool tool.  It rocks!  (And if you have not had the pleasure of working with Jason, you are missing out! He rocks as well!)  This cool tool has a lot of uses in the classroom.

Free Music for Video Projects - Another great resource from  Richard Byrne

It's HERE.... they finally rolled out the ability for users to embed MP3 and WAV audio files from Drive into Slides.  As long as you have added our Norris Public Folders to your google drive (Everyone should have done that already.) you will have a lot of Wav files all ready for you to insert.  In your presentation go to insert audio. (Just search for a tiger, phone, bells, etc...) 

9 Top YouTube Channels to Boost Classroom Lessons Article/resources here. 

How to Make a QR Code for Just About Anything - Check it out. 

Websites and Apps for Making Videos and Animation - Some are free, some are web tools, some are apps... check out the list here to see if there are some tools for you. 

YouTube can find, track, and blur faces of people who appear in your video.- A great tip from Tony Vincent @tonyvincent

Teach Civics or government - this one is for you. Annenberg Classroom - Civics website makes teaching the Constitution manageable, meaningful. EDU review can be found here. 

Gsuite Update - Insert collapsible text boxes into new Google Sites
Coming soon - Quick launch summary
Site editors can now insert collapsible text boxes into a new Google Site, which site viewers can click to expand. Collapsible text boxes can help condense large blocks of text, like content on FAQ or Help Center pages, allowing site viewers to quickly navigate to the most relevant information. More info here... it's coming soon! 

How to Make a YouTube Playlist for Your Favorite Videos - How to article here.  Organize your playlists by subject, assignments, etc...  You can share a link to a playlist that contains the list of videos for that subject, project, etc...   If you are not doing this now... check it out.  It's a great time saver and keeps you organized. 

In Google Classroom - New feature in Rubrics Beta, Reuse Rubrics!
In both Classroom and Assignments, you now have the ability to create a rubric from scratch or reuse an existing rubric you’ve already created. When you select the option to reuse a rubric, you can select to use a rubric available in the current class or switch to another class to reuse a rubric from that one.  
Once you find the rubric you’d like to use, you can preview it or select it to use immediately. While in preview mode, you can also flip between rubrics to easily find the one you need. We will be rolling out this functionality to all instructors in the beta over the next few days. Learn more about rubrics in Classroom and Assignments.

Pro tip: If you'd like to share rubrics you've set up in Classroom with other teachers, simply add co-teachers to a shared class with multiple rubrics. All teachers and co-teachers will see those rubrics for assignments in other classes in the new reuse workflow.

Are you getting annoying reminders in Windows 10 that look like spam? If so, you are allowing notifications from certain websites and they are popping up in Windows 10.  These can be bad... if you allow them from sites that are not that great.  In other words... the website can continue to spam you with notifications. 

Go into your Chrome settings here: (Paste this in your URL) --->   chrome://settings/content/notifications

Under your Allow - Remove most sites.  (You may still want a few from Google Drive, etc... but most should be removed.)  If you can not remove them via a 3-drop menu, then they are an app or extension you have installed. 

When you go to a website and it asks you this.... say no! 

Some great ideas from ditch that textbook:

14 ways to turn your classroom into a game show - You've likely heard of -- or used -- Kahoot! or Quizizz. They turn review activities into a fun game show-like experience.

Want to ramp up that experience beyond "just a Kahoot! game"?

Check out these 14 suggestions for bringing game show elements into the classroom. (Hint: There are some new websites and apps you might not know yet on this list!)

If they like TikTok, they'll LOVE this.
  • Do you have students who are enamored with TikTok? If so, you're not alone!
  • Hundreds of millions of users age 16-24 use the app regularly worldwide.
  • Want to grab your students' attention and inject some fun in a lesson?
  • Give them the template in today's post and make a TikTok-inspired activity!
It's all ready to... grab the template and assign it in Google Classroom!  Let the creativity begin!