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Some free Christmas Music... a free subway sandwich.... and a few tech tips for the week! Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Free Christmas Music:

Google Play has Mariah Carey: Merry Christmas (Google Play Exclusive Version MP3 Digital Album Download) for Free. 

Google Play also has Blake Shelton: Cheers, it's Christmas. (MP3 Digital Album Download) for Free. 

Joy to the World - A Fanfare for Christmas Day

Respighi: Pines of Rome (

Free 6" sub with purchase of a 30 oz. drink:

Get a free 6inch sub with purchase of 30 oz drink. subway sms program

TXT OFFERS to 782 929 

The 12 days of Twitter!

It's fun Nebraska Twitter challenge...and you can pickup some really great tools, ideas, and more...   Here's the info to get started!   You can view the tweets here.  Here's a nice resource for those of you that are new to Twitter.--10 Things to Know about Twitter Hashtags

Google Apps tips and tricks: 

20 Google Apps activities for classroom innovation 

5 super useful Chrome extensions & add-ons for educators

Google Apps Script Spotlight: Share Flubaroo Grades with Students in Drive (If you have not tried Flubaroo for automatically quizzing and grading those quizzes - via a Google Form ... Now 
is the time!) 

5 Creative Ways Schools Can Use Google Forms (That Aren’t Surveys) 

Google Sheets: Managing Students Names for Group Work Great little tip, from a great website to follow! 

Great site with a lot of Google Apps tutorials for you and the students. - SPARCC

A few Google Search tricks: 

Google Classroom:
Export your entire grade book out of Google Classroom. 

IOS Apps:

Looking for free apps... these sites are worth watching:
App Chronicles is an iOS app review website, but they have a great “gone free” page.
Appshopper is a great site to visit to look for previously paid apps that have gone free. 
Swoosh - Basketball Stats By DelMar IT is Free for a limited time! Reg. $20.

Web tools and more:

29 Free Online Design Tools for Creating Stunning Visual Content for the Web 

Great website for classes to use when designing is Color Scheme Designer 

Looking for some good Kindergarten ideas? The Kindergarten smiles site might be for you!