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Miscellaneous Educational Resources 3-14-13

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Some web 2.0 tools and websites:

Last week was World Math Day. Find lots of great resources here: (Great for year long use too!)

This may be one to share with elementary parents. - Easily adaptable system to make learning fun & interactive for children  It's designed  for a parent to create an account for their child.  It's free, but does have additional content for a subscription price too. (It took me a while to setup a child and parent account, but looked like it would be worth the effort.)

More Twitter Resources:
Cyberman's web site has a ton of great resources.  Here is his Amazing list of Education hashtags for Twitter!!

Google Hangouts:
How Educators and Schools Can Make the Most of Google Hangouts Edutopia Article

Best Web 2.0 Classroom Tools Chosen By Teachers.  These are some great lists and tools! 

Some great YouTube tools:
Dragontape – Create Custom YouTube Mixes. This site allows you to search for YouTube videos and drag them to a timeline. You can then trim each movie’s beginning and ending points.

Install the Quietube bookmarklet ( to show YouTube videos without all the distractions and ads.  I like this one, because it does not load an extension, etc... It is just a book mark on your bookmark bar. 

Annotate web pages with this site:
Use Bounce ( to annotate a website for students to use in a lesson. This is a really nice tool, but it tool me a few seconds to figure out where to find your page link once you have annotated a web page. It is different than just grabbing a screenshot, you will see what I mean with the following link:
Here is a sample annotation:

Here is the key:
Inline image 1

Miscellaneous Educational Resources 3-4-13

Monday, March 4, 2013

Some great web 2.0 tools and Sites: 
Sharing some Symbaloo ♥: Kindergarten Webmix… GREAT computer games 

Handouts from the #tcea13 convention are available here: (A wealth of info at your fingertips from this large Texas educational tech conference.)

10 Great Video Tutorials on Using Twitter in Education

2013 Top 10 Best & FREE Cloud Storage Services & Smartphone Apps…

Create a quiz using images with Image Quiz:… 

Another interesting way to curate and display a collection of websites:  (I still like Symbaloo, especially for younger kids.) 

Royalty Free Music for student or teacher projects:
Some Great tools for Chrome:

13 killer Chrome apps to replace your desktop software | PCWorld…  

10 Things You Didn't Know Chrome Could Do

Two Handy Speech to Text Tools for Chrome 

Google Tools
Ten ways to maximize your Google Drive. 

Short screencast describing how to create a custom Google Map :

Can't find the 'Create from template' feature in Google Drive? Watch today's video to learn how -

So you want some Apps!

This one was sent out last week, but thought I would include it in case someone missed that mailing: Here is one that may be fun for the elementary classrooms: Dr. Seuss Camera - The Cat in the Hat Edition - Free today!  

If you are a Coach, this is a must have app: Coach My Video – The iPad App Coaches and Phys Ed Teachers Need  (I know several Norris staff members are already using this app, but wanted to promote it those of you that have not looked at it yet.) 

Great, free iPad app from Cambridge University Press for ESL students - Phrasal Verbs Machine:

Many schools use Pic Collage (Free) to have students do comic strips.  It's a nice picture collage maker too! 

20 Free Multiplication iPad Apps for Kids
14 Free Alphabet iPad Apps for Kids
21 Free Counting iPad Apps for Kids
13 Free Addition iPad Apps for Kids
9 Free Subtraction iPad Apps for Kids
15 Free Science iPad Apps for Kids
24 Free Chemistry iPad Apps for Students

Top 5 Apps You Want On Your iPad (including ‘how to’ video links)

So many apps and so little time to look at them see if they’re useful.  These few lists/resources will help:


100 Tips for Google Chrome (PDF): (At Norris, this ebook is downloaded and on the O drive - O:\eBooks -Free\Google Chrome)

Ed Tech's free ebook - technology resources 2013 :… (At Norris, this ebook is downloaded and on the O drive - O:\eBooks -Free called "EmergingEdTech's 2013 Free Education Technology Resources eBook.pdf"

Free eBooks in PDF and ePub formats on a variety of technology subjects:

Makeuseof has a lot of nice eBooks on a variety of technology subjects:  (Password is makeuseof  for downloading.)

Remember at Norris --- Check out our Free eBooks on technology subjects on the O drive on our network! (O:\eBooks -Free)