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💥 Tech tools - New Google sign in, new features, free photo site, extensions and more in this weeks tech tools.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Update: new Google sign-in screen launching later this week- don't get alarmed if your log in looks a little different.

It's a very slight change to the look, but with phishing attempts and other things that go on, I wanted to keep all of our users updated.  (Did you see the news talking about Spear Phishing with the Russian hacking on the elections. Made me think about our Kevin Mitnick KnowBe4 training.  Keep safe out there!) 

Watch out - The Norris tech boot camp is coming! 

Jason has already sent out the survey, but I have seen some of the exciting things in the works.  Don't miss out on this... and it includes lunch and stipends. Get out of the humidity and get ready!

Misc. Web tools and sites:  
Include a message when changing meeting details in Google Calendar -New feature! -There are many reasons why you’d need to make an edit to a meeting, and we’re now making it easier to communicate those changes. Going forward, when you change or delete an existing meeting, you’ll see a dialog box where you can enter a message for other guests of the meeting.

Great site for high quality - free photos. -  UnSplash  (They have a nice Google Slide add-on listed in the Google Slides section below.) 

WOW Check out the interactive mathematics teaching resources. Great resources for the K-8 classrooms!  Use with your Chromebook and cast!  Your projector, Mimio, etc... 

This is a cool landing page for a classroom teacher!  You have to check it out to see what I am talking about.  A lot of widgets to add to the screen!  Big note - It does not save your settings/page - so that is limiting.

29 Best Add-ons for Google Docs - Great list of add-ons!  

6 ways Quizzes in Google Forms are getting smarter - If you are not using this with Google Classroom, you are missing out!

Great Extensions for Chrome! Thanks to our MS Social Studies teacher James Myers for these:

  • Web Paint - Write on your webpage.WOW, this one is awesome!
  • Keep Awake - Override your pc’s power savings mode that puts your screen to sleep. (Works great to stop your Chromebook from going to sleep if you are casting, etc...)

Google Slides: 
How to share video with Google Slides - Four tips to help you work with video in Google Slides from a desktop browser or mobile device.

Kasey Bell’s 8 Great Ways to Use Google Slides - Includes this great Google Slide add-on!  UnSplash Photos for Google Slides Add-On  Try the Icons by Noun Project add-on for Google Slides. 

We just added a template in our Slides template gallery with a lot more tools adn tips! Check out the templates here. 

Google classroom:
Google Sheets:  
10 Google Sheets Tips & Tricks To Start Using Today - Google Sheets is rich with hidden tips and tricks that can not only speed up your workflow but also add some oomph to the way you present data.

Models and Equations in Google Sheets - a great GAFE for Littles project!  Yes, spreadsheets and Google classroom make it easy for the K-4 classes too! 

Google Certification:

We have 14 staff members currently working on their certifications with many staff members already certified from previous years.  As one of the staff members stated, " I'm pumped about incorporating some of these things this year for my classroom! " 

If you have not participated in this program... I would encourage you to look at it for next summer! 

Have you completed the Kahn Acadamy teacher tour? We already have several teachers that have completed it and received their certificate.  Prizes will be coming to those that complete this!  (Email or share with me the completed certificate.)

Access the free, 60-minute, self-paced mini-course anytime until August 10.
Select and watch seven of the brief videos—they’re only two to five minutes each.
Complete a short reflection and planning exercise.
And that’s it! You’ll earn a certificate of completion for Khan Academy for Teachers 101 and start the year feeling confident that you have a new tool in your teacher toolbox. We’ll be here every step of the way to help you make the upcoming school year your best one ever!