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Ramblings: Some nice classroom resources and a great update to Google Docs.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Some great new features in Google Docs: 
Did you know we now have over 450 new fonts in Google Docs???  If not... you need to look at this! 
A nice quick overview of the new features in Google Docs:

Awesome Jeopardy game site!  (Great for review days, etc...) 
JeopardyLabs - create your own template or browse for already created templates:

Great searching lessons
Another plug for Ruhl's link this morning.  This is a great learning tool for teaching students (and our selves) how to search.

Gmail meter is an interesting and simple way to get a look at how you are using your mail.  It is also a great way to introduce you to the power of scripts. 

A few nice IOS (iPad, iPhone) apps

Paper is a simple drawing program that is worth a look.  It had over 1.5 million downloads in it's first two weeks.  Simple and elegant. 

Remember this iPad tutorial app for new beginner's is free for a limited time.  (It is a large program, so it will take some time to download.)