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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Web sites, tools and resources:

British Pathé Makes 85,000 Historical Clips Available on YouTube.  Thanks @CAHutzler for this one!

The 5 Best Cloud Storage Apps for Teachers and Students - There's one on this list, that I did not even know about. 

Ten Good Tools for Editing Images Online via Free Technology for Teachers

iPhone, iPads, and IOS apps, tips and more:

These 12 Tips Will Help You Get The Most Out Of Your iPhone - I learned a couple new things, after owning my iPhone for several years! 

7 Best Image Editing Apps for iPhone/iPad - I have recommended many of these in the past.  This is a nice list. 

Former Apple Genius Bar member gives you tips on how to extend battery life on your iPhone and iPad 
How to publish student created iPad video to a class YouTube channel. 

Flash is not dead yet... so this tip may be a good one! How to hack Adobe Flash onto your modern Android phone

5 Good iPad Apps for Teachers and Students of U.S. History

Shadow Puppet is a storytelling app for iPad and iPhone. - See how teachers are using this great free app in the classroom. 

20 Awesome BYOD and Mobile Learning Apps | Edutopia

22 iPad and Apple TV Presentation Apps From edshelf.

ModMath is an adaptive program that improves math skills. The app lets you type math problems right onto the touch screen of an iPad rather than write them out long-hand. You can then solve the problems using the touch pad and print or e-mail the assignments all without ever picking up a pencil.

Google Chrome:

Search Tips for Chrome's App Launcher 

11 Chrome Extensions That Will Super-Power Your Gmail Experience. This is a great list!

Google Apps - tools, tips and more:
Video Guide to Using the Google Drive iPad App   and  Two Free Google Apps that Bring Out the Best In an iPad

Doctopus Is Now Easier to Use Than Ever Before - Automate Workflow in Google Drive. This update is awesome! 

7 of the Best New Add Ons for Google Docs and Sheets By the Google Gooru

100 Important Google Drive Tips for Teachers and Students via Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Create a mail merge using Sheets data & print out your template with Docs thanks to the new Avery Label Merge add-on

If you have not used the Google research tool, you are missing out.  Here is a great short article to get you started. 

Google users who back up mobile photos on Google+ can now add them to Gmail much more quickly - This new feature was just added to gmail.  If you have not turned on the auto backup feature - Here's how to do it.  The GoogleGooru has a nice article on this one too. 

Convert an old Google Sheets to new Google Sheets. Here is a nice 2 minute video, on how to do it. (Did you know, that Google has added some great features to the new Google sheets? Each new Spreadsheet you create is in the new format, but your prior sheets are still the older version.)

10 Money Management Tools Inside Google Drive You Should Use Today

If you have not used Conditional formatting in Google Sheets - YOU ARE MISSING OUT!
Now... it's even more powerful in the new Google Sheets. Master new Sheets by using a custom formula in conditional formatting thanks to this guide on YouTube:

Google Forms:
Helpful Google Forms tutorials for teachers

Randomize answer options for Google Forms - Adds even more power for online quizzing using Google Forms! 

Here is How to Add Images and Videos to Your Google Forms

Chromebook tips:

Easy way to check your Chrome laptop battery health:
- Open a Chrome OS Shell <Ctrl>+<Alt>+T
- Type "battery_test 0" and press <Enter>

Multitasking on your Chromebook just got easier: you can now dock any small window, like Hangouts … More info here

Android Phone items:
Here’s A Free, Multi-Layered Plan To Back Up A Non-Rooted Android


20 Ways To Use Edmodo In The Classroom

Free Apps, Google Apps Printing tip, awesome web tools and more... in this weeks article!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Web sites and tools:
Awesome new free design tool for making posters, cards, invitations and more: Canva 
Remember - WE LOVE Lucidpress too! And it is built right into our Google Apps Domain.

Own a vehicle? Here's one from our very own mechanic in the transportation department... (Thanks Frank!)  - Great site for tips, videos, asking questions and more.

What 'They' Forgot to Tell You When Flipping the Classroom. Great tips and tricks in this article

Kindergarten to High School Math Games Galore!

Great digital citizenship resource: Check out for info on social networks parents may not know about.

Free IOS apps - Limited time on some of these!

Puppet Workshop - Creativity App for Kids is free for a limited time.  It's been a top rated app in the past! 

Free iOS apps for special needs students 4/9: Communications  and Daily Tasks 

Free iOS apps for primary for 4/9: Trace & Share  and Write a Letter Game 

IOS Apps, Tips and Tricks:
Find IOS apps on the app store: lets you easily search the iTunes Store for the perfect app, movie, book, or song.

Automatically backup your phone's photos to DropBox with this app:

Carousel by Dropbox - Carousel is the new gallery from Dropbox for your life’s memories. 
Carousel is available right now for both iOS and Android!

● It’s a single home for all your photos and videos, automatically organized and always with you.

● Swap and share photos and videos instantly in private conversations. Save the memories your friends share with one tap.

● Carousel automatically backs up photos and videos to Dropbox as you take them, so all your memories are kept safe in one place.

(Remember the Goolge+ App also automatically backs up your photos to Google - I love this app as well! 


I love Edmodo... and I love the CK-12 free ebooks/curriculum... so guess what I think when the two integrate... AWESOME!

Hey Edmodo users! CK-12 and Edmodo have partnered to allow you to easily assign practice and get reports in your Edmodo gradebook. Check out the two brand new CK-12 apps on Edmodo, CK-12 Math Practice and CK-12 Science Practice. Download them today! LEARN MORE  They even offer a free webinar on April 23, 2014. 

Remind 101:
I know I have promoted Remind 101 in the past, but they just keep getting better.  Remind101 now allows you to attach files - Send Photos, Assignments and Presentations. Find out more about this great new feature. 

Google Apps:

Adding voice comments to Google docs using Kaizena

Free apps and web resources for the week! -Don't miss out on these!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Free apps for today:
Math Splat - ** FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!!! ***

** Previously ranked in the top 3 educational apps in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada & New Zealand ** 
Math Splat is a simple number based app aimed at helping the user improve their mental math abilities. Each level consists of a +, -, x and ÷ game. Once these have been completed the final game of the level is unlocked which must be completed for the next level to be unlocked. 

The app is suitable for all abilities as the user can choose between easy, medium and hard questions.

Everyday Mathematics Equivalent Fractions app for iOS by By McGraw-Hill School Education Group is free today (Normally $1.99) (It has been free in the past... if you have not grabbed it, now may be the time.) 

Other IOS apps and tools:

If you haven't checked out the CardClutter app and you teach Math, many middle school teachers are saying it's a must!

Educators Recommend Bloom's Taxonomy-Aligned Apps - A list created by fellow educators. 

Some Great Web Tools:

Google Storybuilder anyone?   This is a great little web app, that could be used in a variety of ways in the classroom.  Have student collaborate on a short story... or tell your story.   Short resource article. 
In order to make your Google story follow these steps:

1. Add your characters
2. Create your Story
3. Give your story a title and add soundtrack

Create a book from Wikipedia articles, with the Book Creator tool in Wikipedia. 

Want some feedback on a lesson you just taught?? Take a video of yourself teaching, upload it and get your peers or coach to review it remotely -  this free iCoach app will do just that. 

EmergingEdTech’s 2013 Free Education Technology Resources eBook is a nice free resource.  (PDF Format) 

The GEDB Online Learning Platform has a lot of nice free online tech classes/tutorials.  5 Powerful But Little-Known Ways To Use Your Apple iPad, is a recent addition to their list.  These classes are a great free resource for teacher, students and parents. 

Want a review game before a test? Pre-created jeopardy templates or create your own:

Learn Twitter - Free Twitter 101 eCourse for Parents & Educators -If you are an educator and not using Twitter, you are simply missing out.  (If you follow the right people & educational organizations and groups... it will be the best informational source you will ever experience!) 

Lesson Plans for Teaching Computational Thinking - via Free Technology for Teachers - series of lessons for designed to help middle school and high school students explore mathematics and science concepts.

Google Sketchup Resources - Free to schools
The Sketchup program (Used to be owned by Google) is free to schools... a CAD/Modeling program.  (This program is currently being used by Barry Pedley  in the MiddleSchool.)

WUDWORX library of SketchUp plugins and tools for working wood.

sketchUcation is a site with a lot of Sketchup resources and plug ins.

Welcome to Extension Warehouse - The best place to find and install add-ons for SketchUp! These are divided into categories too.  Includes a 3-D printing section too!