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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Web & Tech tools:

3 Reading Resources for Your Classroom 

Make your own data GIFs with Google's new tool - Simple... and a picture does say a 1000 words! is offering A Stork's Journey (Digital HD Movie) for Free.

Google Hangouts
Have you enabled the Google Hangout's tool? If not... it's really handy for chatting. My how-to doc will get you started. 

Google Slides:

Top 10 ways to use G Suite to Give effective presentations. Via the GSuite Learning Center. 

We have added Google Sketchup to our Google Apps Domain.  A great drawing/3D modeling tool.
Have your Google Gsuite administrator add this to your domain. 

Great online drawing tool to use with students! This one is online... so it works on Chromebooks too! (You can even download the SketchUp and use in the desktop program too. We have the full desktop program available for use too.) 

Announcing Sketchup for Schools - More info here
Oh... it’s free!!