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Friday, March 22, 2019

New feature in GoGuardian product- Quick Links.

I toss this out there, since our district uses GoGuardian. 

In a Teacher Session, teachers may create and apply a Scene to limit student browsing.

In a Scene, teachers may block or allow specific websites.  Many popular educational websites sometimes redirect to other websites in different domains -- Quick Lists accommodates this. Quick Lists are groups of URLs that can be quickly added or removed to a Scene's exceptions list. They can be added to block or allow mode scenes.  More info on quick links can be found here.

If you need help with GoGuardian or have never even started with this great tool - Give Jason a call. If you have not worked with Jason yet... you are in for a treat! HE ROCKS! 

Hyperdocs - Have you jumped on this tool yet?

Learn more about them in this Ditch that Textbook Digital Summit presentation. Hyperdocs are not just a doc with links.  Are students creating and not just consuming with your Hyperdoc? Video here.

Free web tools and sites:

PDF Candy - Awesome free/online FPD tool - Convert, save, rotate, cut, etc... the list goes on,  This is a great site!

Mozilla launches Firefox Send, a free self-destructing file-sharing service - Free, simple password-protect options, private file link, encrypted, ... and more!  

This free online tool uses AI to quickly remove the background from images- A handy utility if you don’t have access to Photoshop! (Works great!) 

Free AR app and tools!
My Very Hungry Caterpillar AR is free for a limited time(IOS app)   If you have not played around with AR - grab this app, your kids will love it too! 

Free Audible News:
Audible: News Digests from NYT, WSJ & The Washington Post are free for  Amazon Prime Members. Details here

Make Google Suite rock with these tools/tips:

25 Good G Suite Add-ons & Chrome Extensions  CHECK IT OUT! - Great list from one of my favorites -   

Google Slides interactive notebooks + 20 activities to fill them CHECK IT OUT! Think out of the box on how to use slides! 

Google Classroom:

Can AI help you make your quiz questions for you? 
Give it a try! Automate question creation with Quillionz.  Check out the 5-minute video to see how it works.  So if you’re excited about automating question creation, you’ll want to check out this AI-powered tool. Get started with Quillionz for free!   If you try this, let me know... it looks pretty cool! 

Some great tips from @tonyvincent: Follow him for more great stuff!

Create a QR code that links to a shared Google Drive folder with images you've selected. 

Set a Google Form to give instructions and a clickable link after the form is submitted using the Presentation setting. 

Did you know that you can change the background color of a Google Doc?  


💥 Tech tools - Form add-ons, make your own GIF's, Cool brush tool and more in this weeks tech tips!

Monday, March 4, 2019

If you in the Elementary and not using SeeSaw... you are missing out!
Jason has been working with a lot of teachers in the elementary getting Seesaw up and rolling. The feedback from staff and parents have been great!  If you have not tried it out yet... make an appointment with Jason to check it out!  SeeSaw's home page. -- 2-minute video overview

You can now access the side panel while using Drive on the web. That means you can access Calendar, Keep, and Task while using Drive, Gmail, Calendar, or Editor products (Docs, Sheets, and Slides).

Organize Your Browsing with This Chrome Dashboard Extension 

Record a 3-second reaction video with your computer's webcam and share as an animated GIF with the free website  COOL!

How to Make and Use Your Own VR Tours in Google Expeditions  -Remember we have a couple of VR carts available for Google Expeditions! 

How to Create & Use Canned Responses in Gmail - This has been one of my favorites for a long time now! - Give it a try. I love this Gmail feature! 

How to Use and How to Disable Gmail's Smart Replies - Short 2 minute video, (If you are not using these... you are missing out. 

✂️ Upload a photo to Mark what to keep with green and what to remove with red. See the results instantly, and download as a PNG with a transparent background.

Gdocs and Forms add-ons:

🖌 Head over to . Draw a series of frames and export as an animated GIF. COOL! has added another tool! 
Animated Cube Creator -  What is it?
Create an animated 3D cube with text, images, and media. 
Save your work for future editing and embed it in your own website. 

If you have not looked at any of their other resources... now may be a good time!  

Some great resources from Ditch That Textbook:

Google Slides for interactive notebooks - Google Slides interactive notebooks + 20 activities to fill them.  Think out of the box using slides- it's the best-kept secret for teachers! 

Taking notes can be a drag. - Creating notes into something special -- something very visual that actually represents your personality and learning preferences -- is magical. 10 tips for creating awesome diginotes with Canva