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Some must have Google Doc tools and a few more Gems in this short list for the week.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Here's my short list for the week... but WOW, you must look at a few of the Google Drive apps in this list! 

This is a must have for Google docs!  Add more clip art with this great Google Drive add-in <--- WOW you must check this one out!  This great one, came from this list of 15 Best Google Drive Add-Ons for Education<--- There are som many good ones in this list... workflowsTemplate Gallery, and more! (There is even one for the music teachers!) 

If you have a Chromecast device ... and for $35... why not!  Here is a cool new app for it: Introducing Photowall for Chromecast: A new @ChromeExp that lets people collaborate with images on the TV. 

Seven Registration-Free Drawing Tools for Students- Via Free Technology for Teachers 

7 Ways To Use Google Tools To Maximize Learning -

Google Rolls Out Google Now for Chrome

Learning Never Stops: 35 outstanding education websites to explore

Three Mind Mapping Tools That Save to Google Drive - Via Free Technology for Teachers

7 Apps and Websites to Help You Teach Algebra 

Have a great day... tomorrow is Friday!

BAM!! - Three great photo and video IOS apps free today!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Movie 360 video app is free today.  It's got some nice features and worth grabbing. (Normally $4.99)  but the best app may be the Camera360 Ultimate, which is by the same developer, and is normally free.  I would grab them both.  The camera app has some really cool filters and features that add a lot of fun things for taking pictures! 

And while we are talking about camera apps... here is another one that is free for the day. (Normally $4.99)  Fast Camera – The Speed Burst Camera and Time Lapse Video,App (4.5 stars with 4801 Ratings... so it's really popular and gets great ratings!)  Be careful, it will get the pic you want, but can take up to 1200 in one minute!


Some amazing tech tools, websites... and more! -My resources for the week!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Websites and resources:

If you teach biology - then this site is for you! Virtual human body tour of the skeleton, the heart, the brain, and the digestive tract, and how they function. (Site takes a few seconds to load, but it's worth it.)  Here it is embedded in the Medtropolis site, but it's smaller since it's embedded.) 

6 Online Rubric Makers Worth Trying

7 Science websites for students

This is a fantastic, dynamic periodic table of the elements:

WOW --> If you have not used canva - you are missing out!  Awesome online tool for posters, banners and more. <---- TRY IT NOW! If your an elementary teacher, and you do not try this site out... you are missing out! 

Glove and Boots Fix Your Grammar

Two Sites for Safely Experimenting with Electric Circuits via Free Technology for Teachers -

Webinar Recording - Digital Storytelling With Comics via Free Technology for Teachers -

I love for scheduling meetings! Super easy!  Need to figure out what the best meeting time is for a group- then this online tool is for you! 

Have you tried the free game-based learning tool Kahoot! Your students will love you for it!  Take your class questioning to a game leverl!  

Study Champs - Free Math English Science Worksheets - Both printed and online activities. For the Elem. age students.

The 25 Best Places To Take Free Online Computer Science Classes

Learning Never Stops: 6 powerful interactive history sites

Wonderful list of math website resources K-12

Flexible Learning Tools shared at #ice14 (This is a really cool interactive graphic powered by ThingLink.)

4 Powerful Tools For Making Your Own Interactive Content

Hot off the presses! Kahoot overview and creating a quiz in Kahoot tutorials.

Check out PixiClip interactive whiteboard and video tutorial

Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum is a set of eight interactive, multimedia iBooks Textbooks, available for free in the iBooks Store. 

The Teacher Tools Collection by sherry lee | edshelf

The Appy Hour Collection by Keith Terpsma | edshelf

Free Mac and Windows desktop versions of OneNote are finally here, w/ some helpful new tools.

4 Powerful Tools For Making Your Own Interactive Content - Edudemic

Incredible Educational Tools You May Not Have Seen: 

Edmodo - Are you using this great classroom tool yet??
How to Add Free Apps to Your Edmodo Group
Curriculet is now id Edmodo, Curriculet revolutionizes how teachers create, assign, and track literacy curriculum. 

Google Docs, Mail, Hangouts, and tools:
These are the 7 Best Add-ons for the new section of Google Docs and Sheets

How to Create a Bibliography in Google Documents 

Group Reading With Google Documents Short 5 min. video on how. 

How to share slides and documents with Google+  (You could create a Google community for your entire class to join!)

Want to be a #GoogleDrive Gooru? Check out the recording of our Hangout on Air and find out how much you really know!

Think you can't add an email as an attachment in Gmail? Wrong! Learn how in a few short steps -

Here are 6 Advanced Spreadsheet Tips with Formulas and Apps Script to help you become a Google Spreadsheet expert! 

How To Use Google Drive and Evernote To Create Digital Portfolios

Google Searches - 14 Little-Known Ways Students Can Get More Out Of Google - Edudemic

Google Chrome tools:

Check out this Chrome ext for citing web pages in one click!

Busy Teachers Cafe - a website for K-6 teachers with resources, themes, strategies and

10 Free Google Chrome Extensions Teachers Should Try via Edudemic

ScreenCastify - A Screencasting Option That Works on Chromebooks  (The older Chromebooks, may not have enough horsepower to do this, without some choppy video.) 

IOS apps (iPads/iPhones)
5 Apps for Making Movies on Mobile Devices

Flippity - Google Spreadsheet into Flashcards instantly!

Edit Your Photos On Your iPad: 5 Best Apps For The Job  (First 3 are free.) 

Teach with Your iPhone: Apps to Use in the Classroom 

4 Powerful BYOD Apps for the classroom (One of them is Edmodo mentioned above.)  These are great apps/sites!

A Simple iPad App to Create Story Books With Kids ~ By Educational Technology and Mobile Learning