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Will the Google Laptop be the 1 to 1 choice for school districts?

Monday, February 28, 2011

After a week of time beta testing the Google Cr48 laptop, I think it has a lot of potential for a schools 1 to 1 laptop program. A lot of it's potential will be based on it's final sales price which has not yet been released.  If the price point comes in at $249 or less, it will be a huge winner. At $299 it's still a strong contender.  It's potential is also based on it's simplicity, quick power up time and long battery life.  Combine this laptop with Google Apps for education and it is a winner for students and staff.  I like the iPad for it's battery life, large application base, and presentation of electronic media, but I think the Google Laptop makes more sense for 1 to 1 deployments as well as deployment in mobile carts.  The iPad, or other tablet devices (read Android) will still be the product of choice for media centers, and eBook/media content delivery. Does Google have a winner here?  My vote is yes, but... time will tell!


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