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Diigo is one great web tool you should be using!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Diigo (  is an awesome tool for bookmarking, but it goes beyond that!  That is like saying a Lamborghini is just transportation.  (If you have ridden in one of these things... I need to get to know you!)

This is a tool you should be using personally as well as with your students.  It allows you to bookmark websites, as well as highlight content on that site. It's a cloud based organization system.  They have great browser add-ins that add all of the functionality, as well as an iPad app (  (Make sure you try the Diigo Browser, it is one of the best browsers for the iPad. Formally it was the iChromy browser for the iPad.)  You can even download the content for off-line browsing.

If you are a teacher, apply for an educator account:

Many services are free, and they offer some premium features for a low cost.  Check it out... and add the Google Chrome extension here:  (Not using the Google Chrome web browser??? You should be!)


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