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This app doubles the value of an iPad in the classroom.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Splashtop's remote desktop tool allows your iPad tablet to control your desktop computer directly from your iPad. This allows a teacher to move around the classroom seamlessly while controlling their desktop computer, which in many classrooms is connected to an LCD projector.  It also allow's you to bring up flash content and other applications that normally could not be displayed on an iPad. 

As a technology coordinator, I appreciate how easy this application is to deploy and how seamlessly it works on the desktop computer and iPad. Currently a district can purchase this application for $2.99 so it's really an application that should probably be purchased for every staff member. (Which is what we are currently doing at Norris.)

Installing the desktop streaming software can be done on multiple computers, so a tech-savy teacher could even install it on a home computer that they could access from anywhere. (This would involve port forwarding on their home router, so this is why I say they would need to be tech-savy.)

This is a five star app for it's price and I really think it doubles the value of an iPad for a teacher in their classroom. 


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