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Mac vs. PC vs. ??? Who cares, it's probably a mute point.

Monday, January 16, 2012

The operating system will always be a conversation topic and important, but for the most part those conversations will only be important for the IT departments and those involved in the computer industry.  The end user will not really care.  With everything heading to the web and more content being delivered through a web browser, very few will care if it is running on a MAC, PC, Chrome, or Linux based OS.  The writing is on the wall with Adobe dropping a lot of it's flash development and moving to HTML 5, and the industry is seeing that direction as well. Once again, Steve Job's decision to not support Flash, may of been the correct decision. (I am biting my tongue now, since many great educational sites like Spelling City use flash to deliver it's content.)

So the reality is,  as a technology coordinator I will still care about the OS.  I will still promote one platform within my district to reduce overhead costs and maintenance, thus allowing our department to continue to provide a level of service that our district staff has become accustomed to. I will continue to promote purchases that give us the biggest bang for our buck. But concerning the OS...students, staff, and all of our end users will continue to care less and less.  Their major concern (And mine too) will be... Do we have enough bandwidth and do we have a good wireless signal.


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