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Miscellaneous Educational Resources 10-1-12

Monday, October 1, 2012

Free tech eBooks!
Evernote, Google Drive, Gmail, DropBox and more! 
Dowload these books from here:  To get them free, click the Tweet button, and the download link appears. 

YouTube and Google Apps resources
7 Useful YouTube Channels for History Teachers
Five Google Spreadsheet features to help kick your Excel addiction by TechRepublic
Google Forms... a ton of uses in the classroom!
Nice presentation on using Google forms in the classroom:…
Awesome Tutorials on how Teachers can Use Google Forms 

Science resource for the primary grades:
Children's University of Manchester has animated lessons covering seven science subjects for primary students:  (I noticed these animations can go full screen too, but a few error on the full screen view... I am sure that is on their fix-it list.) 

You don't even need an iPad to use this site....
Using Show Me to Create Lessons on iPads - Guest Post    The site,, is not "just another Khan Academy".  As noted: The difference, I quickly discovered, was that on Show Me you can also create your own lessons...not just watch.  This makes Show Me a very powerful educational tool.


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