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Add a Chrome web store for your Domain!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Google recently allowed domains (In our case to have recommended apps in the Chrome store.  This is a great feature that schools should utilize to promote their supported and recommended apps to their teachers.

Accessing the Chrome Store and our recommended apps and extensions.

When you visit the Chrome Store, we have selected Chrome apps and extensions that we recommend and provide limited support for.  These are apps and extensions that have been recommended by staff and other educational professionals.

(Note: This feature and list of apps has to be added via the Google Apps Administrator Panel by your Google Apps Administrator.)

AMAZING NEW APP - just added to our collection.  Do you want to add voice comments to a Google Doc?   (Wow... what a great feature for English teachers!)  This is one of our recommended apps. Here is a short 3 minute video on how to do this: 

How do I get to the Chrome Store?

Note, once you have added an app or extension from the collection, it will disappear from the list.

Also note that some extensions added to Chrome use up memory and resources, so when it comes to extensions add only the ones that you will use and benefit from.

Here is a Google Doc that we use with our staff to summarize what is this blog article.


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