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Some amazing Google scripts to start the school year off right.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

All of these are some great free scripts, you can use to automate your classroom and leverage the power of Google Apps in your classrooms.

Teacher creates a Google Form with multiple choice questions. Students fill out the form (quiz, assignment). Teacher runs Flubaroo to autocratically grade the assignment. Results are presented with some nice data summaries


Automates creating, sharing, grading and returning work to students via Google Apps.
Make a spreadsheet with your roster, names and email addresses.
Your starting document (handout, quiz, etc...)  Doctopus will use your roster to share a version of your doc with each student, and the link to the student's work will be located in a column of the spreadsheet next to their names. Your students will then receive an email notification that it's ready for them in their drive folder. When the assignment is completed you can stop their editing rights. Then you assign a grade and give feedback in the spreadsheet. The script automates the process of sending out an email to each student containing the grade and the feedback.  (Check out integration with Goobric for creating Rubrics for grading of these assignments.)  Updated: 8-29-13- Read more about doctopus use in the classroom by a Norris teacher. 

autoCrat A document merging utility, that allows you to personalize, share and email your templates.

formMule - flexible merged email creator that runs from Google Spreadsheets

gClassFolders  creates class folders for students and teachers to simplify and streamline document management.  (Similar to Doctupus?)

is a free utility application that lets you export your Google Calendar events to Excel files.

WiFli Response  Own your data a student response system for your Google Drive. (This one is not free, but for $5, it's close!)

Want to learn more about Apps Scripts, and maybe even make your own?  Here are some more resources you may find helpful:

Nice resource on how to write scripts. (For the techy teachers!)

The Hottest Script in Hollywood

Listing of more useful scripts and another list.

Auto Email based on a Google Form response. - Example


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