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You can now restrict your YouTube video to only your school (Google Apps Domain).

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Google Apps users who use their Google+ identity in YouTube now have the option to post videos that are viewable only by people within their domain. Domain-restricted videos can only be viewed through the web UI at this time.  (So IOS App or Android Apps will not view these videos at this time.)

This is a great feature for schools, since we now have the ability to limit the YouTube video to be seen by only our students or staff.  Prior to this, the video had to be either public, private or unlisted. If you wanted it to be restricted, using the private settings, you would have to list every person individually that you want to be able to view the video.  With over 2200 students and 150+staff at Norris, that would take a while!

Privacy settings include:

  • Public
  • Unlisted (Anyone with the link can view it.) (Similar setting in Google Docs.) 
  • Private (Only you and selected users can see it.)
  • Private Google+ shared video- New Feature!  Shared with Domain, Google+ Circle or other individuals. 

For more information, visit this Google support article:


g+ said...

Noel, you're about the only person I've found who seems like actually done this successfully - I can see your domain listed in that field, along with your circles. Everyone else simply parroted the announcement, and linked to the (incorrect) privacy settings vid, which does not cover this kind of setting. Any chance you could comment further on how you set this up? I've enabled all G+ functionality for my domain, linked my channel with my G+ profile, etc, but I can't see my domain listed along with my circles in that field, after I select "private". Not sure what I might be missing.

Any ideas? Thanks for any insight here...

Noel Erskine said...

If you are talking about my Google+ Profile, it's a setting in your Google Apps that shows the domain on all of your user's profiles within your Google Apps Domain.

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