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My Christmas goodies list for teachers... Free iBook (or Kindle book), Free apps, and great web sites!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Web sites and web 2.0 tools:

QR Code Classroom Implementation Guide - from the Cool Cat Teacher

25,000 Images of Art That You Can Re-use for Free

Video - Three Ways Students Can Search for Creative Commons Licensed Images via Free Technology ...

math based websites to discover (again)

This is a great collection of free Web 2.0 tools for the classroom:

16 Best Free Mac Apps (If you happen to have a MAC) 

Google tools and tips: 
A must have app for templates in Google Docs -  <-- You need to add this one!

Envelopes for Google Drive via Free Technology for Teachers - Envelopes for Google Drive is a ...

Google Tips Helps You Do Cool Stuff With Google Products -Cool site!

Now there's a new way to manage folders in Google drive that you folder lovers will enjoy -- check it out!

Send files up to 10GB (that's a 600-page presentation, or a 10-minute power ballad) with one click. Find out how:  (This is from that new Gogole tips site... Cool!)

Google Apps Update | Guide to the New Google Sheets - 7 min. video - Worth the watch! <-- Great new features in Google Sheets! 

Gmail read receipts may not work as well now - FYI

Some of you use the Gmail, read receipt's feature.  It's functionality has changed when it comes to sending emails to other Gmail users. 

Here are a couple links as to why:

This one relates to Boomerang (Which many of us use as a great tool!) but relates to standard read receipts in Gmail:

It's interesting to note, that this change actually will improve some sucurity as noted from the article:

One side effect of Gmail’s new policy is that it is no longer possible for companies who offer less-ethical implementations of read receipts to report your IP address (and approximate location) to the sender of the email. Google now reports the location of all opens as their campus in Mountain View and that your computer is one of their servers.

This article is similar, if you want more background info. 

Android Apps and tips: 
OpenEd Releases an Android App for Sharing Educational Videos With Students via Free Technology ...

BlendSpace - This one deserves it's own heading!
Blendspace: Create lessons in 5 minutes. 

Here is how one Nebraska administrator (Brad C. Jacobsen (@BCJacobsen)) uses it for staff development.

Add the Blendspace Chrome app to your browser.

Free iBooks!
The wonderful iBook ... A Charlie Brown Christmas is free for a week beginning 12/18:  (There are several other free books, each week this season.)  (The android version for Kindle is free too, just search the Google Play store.) 

IOS (iPad/iPhone) apps:

Ten Good iPad Apps for Elementary School Math Practic

4 free Math Dojo Apps are free today! 

Seven Free Science Apps for Your Students' iPads

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!  May this posting find you in great health and spirits for the holiday season. 


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