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Incredible free apps, and web resources top the list in this week resources - Erskine's list is out.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Web resources: 
20 WONDERFUL online museums and sites for virtual field trips to use in class. Also a list of ipad apps!

Code combat: an open sourced game that teaches everyone how to program by programming the game. 

 Poster on citing information from online sources using MLA style-- great for secondary students.

Lots of fun stuff for education - K-12 on the internet <---- WOW, this is a honey hole of resources, check it out!

Get your free ebooks! - Freebook Sifter makes it easy to find over 39,000 free eBooks on Search by category quickly:

IOS apps and more!

14 Good Social Studies Apps for Teachers and Students

Top 200 Special Education Apps

6 Apps to Help You Read on the Move

31 iPad Apps For A Smoother-Running Classroom…

iPad Apps Separated by Subject Area

Free apps for the day - 
Free for a limited time! (Norm $5.99) PDF Connect -   Nice free tool for scanning, annotating, uploading to cloud services and more.  This is another good list of PDF tools- 10 Excellent iPad Apps to Annotate, Highlight, and Add Comments to PDFs -Thanks to Ryan Ruhl for pointing out this list! 

The iMums list for today has some great free kid apps, including titles by McGraw hill and even a free Monopoly game for the family!   This is a great list to follow for the K-8 teachers looking for free apps of the day! 
All of these are from this site- some great McGraw Hill math apps for the younger kids:
Grammar Wonderland (Elementary) by McGraw-Hill School Education Group
Fly, swim, feed, and toss your way to grammar mastery. Who knew grammar practice could be so much fun? Lead your character through many wonderful adventures as you practice using nouns, verbs.

ELL Teacher GPS  (Great for the ELL teachers!)  The ELL Teacher GPS helps you expand your understanding of English language learners by explaining through videos, tips, and templates about language proficiency levels, classroom strategies, and examining cultural considerations that influence teaching.

Google tips, tricks and resources: 
If your not using labels (and filters) in your gmail - You are missing out!  Here is a nice how-to article at TechRepublic. 

Take a peek at all of the resources here: "Google Apps for Education" (GAFE)

Google is updating it's Google Education site. Check it out. 

Twitter - A little Twitter Humor! 
(If you are not using Twitter for your PLN, you are missing out.  It's all about who you follow!)

If you like the above cartoons, visit their sites.  The site, and some great toons for us teachers! :)


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