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Some great web tools, Google Tools, and a sneak peak at Google Classroom - My tech tools for the week.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Websites and online tools:

A Quick Guide To Keeping Students Safe Online - Via Edudemic

7 free Web-based Tools for Creating Short Video Stories

Seven Free Online Whiteboard Tools for Teachers and Students

Google Tools & Tips and Tricks: 

Ready to try the new Google Docs and Sheets Apps? Here's all you need to know! 

New- Google Docs Now Lets You Crop, Rotate, and Add Borders to Images 

Google Classroom is coming! Hear how Classroom can transform schools and learning. 90 teachers and 1,300 students have tried it so far 

Letter Feed Messenger Provides a Better Way to Track Changes to Google Documents - Nice Article via Richard Byrne

Google A-Z - A nice listing of Google Products and Tools that are available. I bet you do not know many of these! 

Awesome new feature coming to Google Apps! -Classroom Coming this fall
Two teachers who are using Google Classroom Pilot now say they will not use a classroom website next year.…  (Thaks to @mickie_mueller  for this video link.) This sounds awesome!  Even the non-tech savvy teachers had no problem easily picking it up. 

This product is designed for ease of use but adds a lot of functionality only available via scripts in the past. AKA... Doctopus or Gclass Folders. If you can create a Doc ... you can use Google Classroom. If you or other teachers you know of might be interested in an early preview this June, please encourage them to request an invitation for Classroom.

Create some awesome posters for your classroom:

PixTeller - Turn Any Words Into Amazing Images 

IOS Apps:
Adobe Voice (Free) Provides a Great Way to Create Narrated Picture Stories 

Great YouTube Channel for iPad apps from the University of Nebraska - iPads in the classroom


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