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Monday, July 7, 2014

Web Tools and Sites:

Cool Loupe Collage for father's day. Nice tool for your website or class projects and more! (OK, I did no get this sent out before Father's Day ... But here are some cool featured Loupe's)

One for the Elem. teachers: Awesome video for learning states and capitals - Tour the States   They also have a great one for countries of the world - Tour the World. (These come highly recommended from a 5th grade teacher at Malcolm. He said the kids loved them and memorized the states just based on the song. ) 

Hundreds of free, online math activities for grades 1-6 from Matific: 

Find Fun K-8 Math Activities on Math Chimp 

5 Tools For The Device Agnostic Classroom

Symbaloo Mix for photo tools in the classroom. 

Visit for ideas! Click on Edu tab for education resources

Get inspired with these 100+ teacher quotes & posters: Nice Pintererest Pin

Awesome Presentation Tools Collection on Edshelf

Stormboard is a powerful whiteboard and mind mapping website worth having in the EDU tool chest. (The free version only allows 5 on a board at once.)

Grading Made Easy with Diigo & Jing 

Teach any K-8 Math?? Math Graphing has links to 48 interactive graphing activities good for K-8 students:

The 101 Best IFTTT  Recipes from @pcworld (Automate your world!) I use IFTTT personally, and love it.  

Apps That Rise to the Top: Tested and Approved By Teachers (Includes website too.) 

45 Powerful Tools To Create Polls And Quizzes In The Classroom

Amazing website for data statistics and visualizations - Knoema Check out their atlas and Gallery sections. Great for student reports and fact finding missions. 

Clicker software- 
ExitTicket  is the new one on the block and has a lot more features than socratice and others.  This may be the one to go with? (They are new, so that’s the only reason I have the question mark.) Check out their toolkit. Get the App on IOS here for students to take the quiz.

IOS Apps: 

My New Favorite Tech Tools for the Elem. -Nice List

Here's a Gem that just keeps getting updated ... CMV 2014: Easy Video Instruction (Free) (Awesome for coaches and classroom teachers too.) Easy Video Instruction; Private Email+ Video Sharing, Frame-Capture & Video Analysis from CoachMyVideo

252 Favorite IPad Apps for your Classroom

The NASA earth now app is a nice free app. IOS - and Android 

Shadow Puppet Releases an Edu Version Students Can Use to Create Videos (Free App) -Overview and link to app here.

Free iBooks:

Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship iBooks (opens in iBooks) (Must have iTunes on your computer to open this link.) 

Great Intro to Biology iBook:
Get the complete 41 chapters of E. O. Wilson’s Life on Earth for free on iBooks.This unabridged seven book collection features four previously unreleased units as well as updated interactive visual diagrams and videos to enhance your learning experience. Tap the link below to get your complete copy of Life on Earth today and continue to enjoy learning in a way that is as captivating as it is unforgettable.
Get It in iBooks >


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