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A few tech tools, apps and sites for the week! -Google classroom is here... and some nice resources to get you started.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Web Tools:
Awesome free website for MindMapping -

Zamzar or FreeFileConvert - Need to converted a file to another type of file? Zamzar and FreeFileConvert can each convert files into different file types, and both support a wide range of formats.

Here's how to make gorgeous visual lesson plans with Lucidcharts: (If you have not tried out Lucid Charts or Lucid Press... now is the time! They are built into our Google Apps here at Norris.)

Two Good Random Name Selection Tools via Free Technology for Teachers -

Google Apps:

Create an eBook with Google Slides - And take that eBook one step further with FlipSnack (I have mentioned this one in the past.) 

The Apps Show - by Google Enterprise An awesome YouTube channel that you may want to subscribe to. 

10 awesome Google features  you should be using

5 Robust Apps For The Chromebook Classroom - Via Edudemic

A nice Chromebook overview Kahoot by @mickie_mueller on called 'Chromebook Orientation’ If you have not used Kahoot, give it a try... kids love it. 

Adding trendlines to charts in Google Sheets -

Google Classroom:
As noted... it's here! - over 100,000 people in 45 countries signed up for beta testing alone! 

Google Classrooms's Chrome app - Google Classrooms's Chrome app is now in the store.

Great tip from our Spanish Teacher, Jill Elswick @jillr2:  When teachers make their classes, even though there's a spot for the section #, you may want to include that in the name of the class as well because it's hard to know which Spanish 4 I'm looking at, when it drops down to add the same assignment for multiple sections.  Right now it just says Spanish 4 for all 3 and I'm guessing as to which one is the A day or B, etc.

Love the new About section in Google Classroom. The Add Materials section is perfect for syllabus and class rules!

Note from Google:
Classroom is now open for all Google Apps for Education schools, anywhere in the world. To try it, just visit, sign in with your Apps for Education account, indicate whether you’re a teacher or student, and then create or join your first class. Watch our demo video to get a quick tour of how it works, or visit the Classroom Help Center to learn more.

Chrome apps and extensions:

Mashup Note is a great extension for taking notes in the Chrome browser:

Google Search:

25 Google Search tricks you won’t know how you ever lived without

IOS apps, tips and tricks:
10 awesome hidden tricks to make iOS 7.1 feel new while you wait for iOS 8

Apple discounts 20 top productivity apps - Some nice ones in this list.

A Big Collection of iPad Apps for Middle School Teachers and Students


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