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Quick student evals using a Google Form - Tutorial/idea

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

This is not for every teacher... but if you find yourself wanting to give feedback evaluations/grades to students on projects, lab work, presentations, etc... this may be a great tool. (Maybe it's shop projects, art work days, etc....) (I would have loved this when I used to give students cleanup grades in shop.) 

In short,  you will create a Google form with customized feedback.  When you do your eval you pick the students name from a drop-down menu, fill out the eval, and hit submit.  The eval is then emailed to the student and anyone else you desire... another teacher, yourself, etc...)  and is recorded in a Google spreadsheet.

It keeps a running record of the evals though's in a Google sheet and allows you to add and/or delete students to the list for future years!  The form could be completed from an iPad, phone, Chromebook, or anything that can load a Google Doc, since the eval is really filling out a live Google Form. It's really a pretty nice time-saving solution for quick grades or evals. 

If you are interested ... this 10 minute YouTube tutorial is great on getting it setup. The tutorial is pretty straight forward, but it' a little more advanced in a couple steps... so if you are interested in doing this... we are here to help you! This video approaches it from the concept of a principal doing walk-through teacher evaluations, but the concept and creation is the same for classroom use. (We do have administrators at Norris using this for teacher walk-through evals.) 


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