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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Web tools and sites:

Find apps for a device or learning activity --  this edtechteacher site can do it for you!

Run Windows software in a browser tab, for free -  Using Cameyo

Explore Planet Nutshell's Teacher Library for Great Educational Videos -

Students Can Learn About Careers in Next Vista's Career Videos Collection

Dictate online with the website works great on Chromebooks too. Or you can add this really nice ChromeApp - VoiceNote II Once you load it, make sure you select your language and location. You must use the on-screen buttons for punctuation. Other than that, the extension works very well for hands-free notes.

Have you seen quiziz? (Mentioned this one in my last posts.)
Here are a couple great training videos:
5 Free Tools for Creating Whiteboard Videos -


iStoryBooks Now Offers Premium Books for Free to Teachers -

IOS Apps -
WOW- YouTube Kids by Google – a Must Have Free App for Families -Review Here IOS App Here

Training docs from my recent in-service:

Note for Norris Staff - Both of the above docs are in our Google Drive folder - Under Norris Tech Docs and STAFF SHARE in the iPad items folder. 

A few Apps for the younger grades:

Picture Math  By Brainingcamp, LLC - Free app

Cursive Writing – abCursive 2 - Free iPhone app

Google Classroom:
Mentioned this one in my last posting/mailing too ... Google Classroom Update: Custom Theme - 1minute video tutorial

Google Chrome:

DF YouTube (Distraction Free) is a Chrome extension for watching YouTube -Nice for teachers

Google Apps:

6 new free Google tools to upgrade your classroom - Free templates and images! 

4 Tips For Making Professional Looking Google Docs 

Merge Cells in Google Docs tables

A few nice video's from "Ask the Gooru".

Best Drive Shortcut EVER!! ... a great tip from our very own @MrsCoady 

A quick way to add a file to multiple folders is to use the Shift+Z (not Cntrl+Z, which is undo). This will open a screen saying "Add to" rather than "Move to," so you can keep the file where it is and add it to another folder. I use this all the time and decided to share. 

You can also hold down the Cntrl key when click on a folder while the "Move to" window is open, and this will allow you to add to a folder rather than actually move. 


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