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A few great tools for recording classroom activities.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

After following the Twitter feed from the Omaha Ed camp, I ran across a lot of great web 2.0 tools, and several that are great for recording audio and video. Some of the resources listed here were from that event.

Audioboo has a lot of potential for incorporating audio and pictures from phones or the web, directly to social media. (I like the idea of this app, but from looking at the reviews on the Android market, it looks like the phone app has a ways to go.) Imagine students walking around with their phones taking pictures and recording comments about those pictures into a classroom Twitter feed.  Maybe they are looking at geological formations or identifying different plant types in the landscape for a biology class. The possibilities are limitless. A similar product, ipadio may be worth a look. It offeres similar functionality at the same price.... FREE!

There are numerous video streaming services, and many offer applications to stream events right from your smart phone. , and are just a few services.

In my recent Twitter posting I mentioned Mailvu that offers an easy way to send video emails. It has many features including limiting number of views, or deleting video after X number of days. Just like many of the tools mentioned above, this tool offers many features for the teacher with a lot of creative classroom projects and ideas.


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