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A new feature in Google Doc's worth looking at-- Discussions.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Well, as I always tell everyone.... the only constant in technology is change.  The problem is that change is coming at an ever increasing rate!

Thought I would let everyone know about another new feature that was just added to Google Docs: Discussions.  This adds another feature similar to notes, but with a twist.  Could be great for students with group projects, English teachers, etc...

You may notice that the above link is to the Google Doc's blog, where you can follow their new features when they are released.... or find out about past features.  (I found out about this new feature by following them on Twitter.)  Did you know they will OCR a document from a PDF or picture and dump it right into a Google Doc??? (I just read about that in the blog!)

Have a great day! ..... it looks nice outside.... but in Nebraska the weather may change even faster than technology.  I guess with the weather if you do not keep up... you get wet or cold, with technology if you do not keep up.... you become a dinosaur, so keep plugging away.  We know what happened to the dinosaurs.  Oh wait... I guess we don't for sure. 


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