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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

With more video being uploaded every month to YouTube than the major 3 networks have created since they began... how can we ignore YouTube in education? So with that said, I will start with YouTube resources!

YouTube resources:

YouTube Downloader apps. 

My favorite app, is actually an entire suite of great apps that includes a lot of nice tools along with a YouTube downloader. This app is from DVDVideoSoft. You can download the entire free suite from here. Since it is free, make sure during the install you make sure you do not install their browser tool bars. I can not blame them for wanting to garnish a little extra revenue for creating such a great product, but personally I hate most browser tool bars, so here is your fair warning. There are many other video downloading tools, and TechRepublic has a nice article with five more YouTube down loader apps.

Some other great video sites:

There are so many great video resources on the web, it's really hard to write a short blog article listing some of the best, but hopefully this help!


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