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Some amazing free eBooks for a limited time!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Download the AMERICA The Story of Us e-Books for FREE! Limited TIME! (Ends Sept. 11 2012)

AMERICA The Story of Us Enhanced e-Book Series
Covering 400 years of our shared history, AMERICA The Story of Us is the riveting story of how America was invented, focusing on the people, ideas, themes, and events that have shaped our nation. Our new, quick-read e-books, based on the award-winning miniseries, are perfect for students, teachers, and life-long learners. Each e-book integrates text, short video clips, production stills, historical illustrations, charts, and other full-color graphics.

This is a great offer on some free books. The nice thing, besides the price is that it will allow you to download them in any either the iBook, Nook or Kindle formats!  If you are like me, I did both the iBook and Kindle format so I could compare the two ebook types. (I do not even own a Kindle, but can still get books and read them using the Cloud reader or the Kindle app on my iPad.) 

Here are the direct links to the books below.

iPad Versions: 

Kindle versions:

Book 1:

Book 3:


A few notes on ebook versions.  With the Nook version you actually need a Nook tablet to download the book and use.  With the Kindle version, you can download it to use on the web or on any iPad or android device using their apps.  The iBooks format is limited to an IOS device (iPad, iPhone, Touch, etc...). 

If you are managing a school iTunes account or school kindle account, I would grab these books so they could be used later if desired. (Similar to grabbing an app while its free.) 

Here is a link to the offer directly on the History Channel Education site:  Free eBook offer


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