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Great web tools, free apps, tech tips and even 1/2 price Pizza in this Issue! My miscellaneous Educational Resources 1-16-13

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Some great web sites and web tools for your classrooms: 

eQuizShow Online Templates - Great site for making a fun class project or review!  Here's a first grade grammar one

150 Best Browser Extensions & Web Apps Of 2012 - Some of these are making my list!

The most comprehensive collection of Web 2.0 tools organized and categorized…

The 20 Best Education Apps And Web Tools Of The Year

Google Docs - Tools, tips, and more
Keyboard shortcuts can save you TONS of time in Google Docs. Watch this video to see a few of my favorites. -

Send To Google Docs – Convert HTML To PDF & Save It In A Single Click [Chrome] 

Want to automate some things in Google Docs for collecting assignments and setting up folders for your class?  Try Doctopus for Managing Google Documents 

Tip: Be on the lookout for the Google Apps Great Plains summit info coming soon!!!!! Free registration opportunities for Norris Staff! 

IOS (iPad/iPhone) apps:

A very nicely organized app collection to support #CBLearn…
A nice utility type app to save a web page to PDF on your iPad. Has dropbox and email support too. FREE for a limited time!   InstaWeb: Web to PDF Converter (In my tests it works pretty well for most sites.) 

Need a motivational video for your teacher in-service?
Here is one for the admins, tech coordinators, and staff developers.  Five-Minute Film Festival: Best Kickoff Videos.  These are great intro videos for your staff developments or in-service sessions! 

eBooks, iBooks, and more

Learn iBook Author - short video tutorial:…

 Notescraper: Exporting Kindle notes and highlights

Free Photo book and 1/2 off Papa John's Pizza too!

 @WeAreTeachers Lunch Break Deal Alert: FREE Photo Book offer from My Publisher.

Papa John's Coupon Code | 50% Off Large Pizzas 

How does Erskine find out about these things???  Twitter!  These were on a couple education feeds from @WeAreTeachers  If you are not using Twitter, you are missing out.  There is everything from kindergarten to social studies for groups, hash-tags and people to follow. 

Kyle Steinkuhler @KSteink will be doing a session on Twitter Monday during our in-service.  Look for the details coming out soon!  Speaking of Kyle... here is a nice one right from his Twitter feed: Super collection of historical maps!!…

New to Twitter, this will explain a few of the basics. The Beginner's Guide to Twitter


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