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My list of great resources for the week! Videos, free coaching apps, web tools, tips and more.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

To start of this week's list, I wanted to share this:
Our KG students visiting Henry Doorly Zoo via Distance Learning  If you are interested in any distance learning events for your classroom, let our department know! (The panorama was created by the DMD iPad app that was free in one of my other emailing/blog postings.)

Misc. web tools, apps, tips and tricks:
How To Use Google Drive and Evernote To Create Digital Portfolios using your iPad. 15 minute tutorial with Video!

How to Create Your Own Textbook — With or Without Apple by MindShift

Wavosaur is a free PC audio editor. Amazingly small but mighty. (At Norris we have in on the network under the K drive for staff and students. No install!  K:\Software_ran_from_server\WavoSaur Audio Editor)

Blubbr - Create Interactive Quizzes Using YouTube Clips: 

Download all the Tweets you've ever Twittered- 

New Google App Search Feature

Ebook Glue transforms blogs into ebooks, a great way to share student writing:  Take your classroom blog and turn it into an ebook. (SAMPLE-This link:  Takes my blog and makes it into an epub ebook for downloading.)

Top 10 Handy iOS Tweaks That Don't Require Jailbreaking

If you are a basketball coach and need an awesome FREE shooting stats app for the iPad check out   via Scott Phillips (@phillipshuskies)   The app is free and a lot of great free features. They have free apps for other sports too! 

Freebook Sifter makes it easy to find over 35,000 free eBooks on Amazon for your Kindle or iOS Kindle app: 

Book Creator for iPad – updated again for greater e-book functionality (tutorial) We do not have this program at Norris yet, but it looks great if you need to create an eBook on your iPad.  Tutorial with videos and downloadable eBook of directions! 

Internet Safety and Bulling Resources

17 Cartoon Videos Explaining the Internet and Internet Safety to Kids 

Some great Video resources from PBS. If you are not signed up for their resources... you need to!  (List taken from PBS mailing.) 
In the Mix: Conflict Resolution
Grades 7-13+ | Video | Communication Skills
Observe a group of high school students as they discuss the ways in which they deal with conflict. Consider using this resource as a conversation starter in your own class.

Grades 7-12 | Video | Types of Bullying
Show your students how bullies use text messages and the Internet to threaten others, and discuss the steps that they can take to address this form of harassment.

The Teenage Brain
Grades 6-8 | Video | Biology & Behavior

Gain insight into the development of the teenage brain. Ask your students to consider how natural changes in the brain play a role in the way teens relate to one another.
Succeeding in School
Grades 5-12 | Video | Story of Success

Inspire your students with the personal story of Omarina, a student who faced crippling odds but was able to succeed with support from her school community. Use this resource to illustrate the impact of a supportive learning environment.
Martha Speaks: Martha Walks the Dog
Grades K-1, 4-5 | Video

There's a new, mean dog in town. Use this resource to show your young students that first impressions can be deceiving sometimes.
Dinosaur Train: Including Friends
PreK-1 | Video

Talk about feeling like an outsider with your class. Recognize what actions a friend can take to help someone feel included and valued.

Get the most out of Google Docs for student writing and teacher feedback:
Taken from a recent Google tips email:
Here are two tips for getting the most out of Google Docs for student writing and teacher feedback:
  • Give feedback with comments- When students start their papers, have them share the document with you. You can access the student document anytime and insert comments. The student is then notified of your comment. Learn how to insert comments.
  • Use the revision history interface- This lets you easily see what changes have been made to a document. Changes are color-coded based on each collaborator, so it’s clear which student wrote which parts of the paper. Learn more.
Want to learn more?
In this recording, Miss Christie, her 5th grade students and their CIO talk about how Littleton Public Schools uses Google Apps to support collaboration.Fast forward to 39 minutes, 30 seconds if you want to hear from the kids.

CK-12 Foundation is adding more content- exciting news taken from their email announcement: 

Watch for their new iPad app too... coming soon! 
Braingenie builds deep mastery and sharpens problem-solving skills.

Learn, practice, and quiz
yourself on 5,000+ skills.

Compete in real-time
multiplayer matches.

Win badges and claim a top spot on the leaderboard.

Braingenie offers: 
Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Precalculus, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Math Grades 1-8 and Middle-School Science
CK-12 Foundation presents FlexMath, a student-centered approach to Math proficiency. By combining engaging lessons, interactive practice, adaptive assessment and extensive scaffolding, FlexMath not only improves student's mathematical ability, but it also inspires confidence in all of its student users.


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