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IOS 7 resources and more great tools from Google

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Apple's IOS 7 upgrade

With the release of IOS 7 yesterday (9-18-13) I thought I would start off my short list this week with a really nice free guide to IOS 7.  If you have not downloaded IOS7 yet, I would take a look at it. It has some really great features, and seems to be working well on the devices I have tested it with.

By the look of my wireless traffic and internet traffic to Apple yesterday and today, I would say most of the kids at Norris will have it soon!  LOL

Backup your phone/device before upgrading. 

Guide to IOS7:

MakeUseOf has a really nice IOS7 guide available for online viewing or ebook download. <-- Download it!  (As of this posting, the PDF doanload works fine, but the ePub downlaod has issues. I am sure they will get this resolved shortly.) You can place this right on your iPad/iPhone and read it at your leisure on your device!

An IOS (iPad/iPhone) app for presenting lessons:

GoClass &NearPod- Similar apps for lesson presentations for teachers. My info sheet: 

Some more great Google Tools:

5 Handy Google Drive Shortcuts

Want a website to help out tech challenged parents (Or maybe a teacher who is to embarrassed to ask.)?   This website, sponsored by Google,  is here to help:

Use Google Story Builder in your classroom!  you could use this site to have multiple students build a story.  They can collaborate to write the story, set it to music, and then publish.  Add some motivation, creativity and fun to story writing!

The Google World Wonders project is a pretty awesome site to explore some of the wonders of the world. Castles, Botanical Gardens, Great Barrier Reef, Grand Canyon, and more! 


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