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Movenote for Google Drive- a must have free tool for teachers (and students).

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Movenote for Google Drive is a powerful tool for teachers to provide student feedback on their documents or presentations.  You can easily bring up a Google Doc or other file, and provide audio and video feedback. This tool could also be used for tutorials or presentations. (It's the talking head concept when presenting online.)

Short Video About Movenote:

You will want to add the Chrome App. (This gives you the create option in Google Drive.)
Chrome Extension for Movenote

Here at Norris, we have added it to our Google Apps Domain ( so it is available from our Google Apps drop-down menu. When you click on this link, your account is created for you.  (If you are reading this post from another school district, then you can just create an account on manually.)

Once you have created an account, you will want to connect it to your Google Drive.

When you start Movenote, you may also have to allow access to your web cam:

It's that simple.  You are now ready to start making your first Movenote.

I like the nice integration withing Google Drive and the ease of use on this application.  Hopefully you will find it useful within your classroom.


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