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ree apps, Google tools, web tools and more in this weeks list! Including one free app (Reg $30).

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Web tools and sites:

Free stock image sites for your website, classroom, posters & more. 

The ‘Google For Online Courses’ Exists And It’s Called SlideRule - Find a ton of online classes (Many free) using this great tool.  It includes nice sorting features and reviews too. 

A nice resource for the K-6 teachers... A great daily list of free IOS (iPhone/iPad) apps, free Kindle books, and more... by the iMums. (I subscribe to their daily email.)

30-Second Tech Trick: Write Better Papers with Google Scholar (A little bit of humor with this one too,)

20 Google tools teachers should try (and how to use them in classrooms) Interesting list - A few surprises that I would not have picked. 

Comparison of 11 Mobile Video Creation Apps - Plickers is a powerfully simple tool that lets teachers collect real-time formative assessment data without the need for student devices. Tailor instruction with instant feedback -- Use Plickers for quick checks for understanding to know whether your students are understanding big concepts and mastering key skills. It's a sin on clickers that's worth checking out! 

An Interactive Map of George Washington's Life via Free Technology for Teachers - 

For the younger kids -- My Storybook lets students create simple books with their own text and pictures:

Great for the homeowner... if you do not have a ChromeCast ($35) here is one more reason to get one... Chromebooks now support Chromecast streaming for Google Drive videos

I have mentioned this one in the past... and ran across it on a great Twitter feed again this week... This word cloud generator will work on almost every device:

Create Screencasts with these great tools: 

Screencast-O-Matic - A Great Tool for Creating Screencast Videos

Make screencast videos with Screencastify extention for Chrome: 
This tip comes from our very own Janelle Coady - 
Screencast lets you download the clips, but it is even easier to just upload to YouTube and link to it online. Easy to use... give it a try.  Here is a sub plan that she created using this great tool! 

If you have not looked at Gooru... now may be the time!
Gooru for iPad Updated to Include Progress Reports. Gooru is a service for creating and sharing collections of educational videos, images, and texts. Go to Gooru, and click the signup button and signup with your Google Account. 

Lucid Press:
If are not using LucidPress ... You are missing out.  It's better than Publisher, and is all web based and free for EDU. Here at Norris it's built right into our Google Apps. 

Richard Byrne (@rmbyrneRichard Byrne (@rmbyrne) - Agrees with me!
The Best of Apple's Pages With the Best of Google Documents - Check out his article hereThe Best of Apple's Pages With the Best of Google Documents - Check out his article here.

Google Apps: - Google Apps for Education has over 30 million active users around the world!

Turn a Set of Spreadsheet Cells Into Easy to Read Documents with this Spreadsheet add-in.  This short video shows you how. (This was featured in an email Janelle Cody sent out earlier this week to staff.) 

How to Enable Text Notifications for Your Google Calendar Events via Free Technology for Teachers ...  This is a great thing for students to do with your class calendar! 

Short video tutorial on how to add descriptions to Google Docs for better Drive

2nd graders can use Google Classroom!  From another district... 2nd graders into Google Classroom today.

Sharing has changed in Google Docs.  Here is a short 2 minute videoSharing has changed in Google Docs.  Here is a short 2 minute video about this changed feature. 

New! ThingLink & Google Docs Integration | Via... ThingLink Blog. Great example of ThingLink embedded in our very own Matt Rosenau's website - Colonial Village Project

6 little-known Google tools you should try today - Via the Daily Genius There are several gems in this one!

New handy feature: automatically create bulleted or numbered lists in Docs, Slides, and Drawings. More at:

10 Excellent Google Drive Templates for Teachers (The link in this article takes you directly to Drive's templates... but I like having the Drive Templates Appfor Teachers (The link in this article takes you directly to Drive's templates... but I like having the Drive Templates App installed too.)

Tip:Tip: Use revision history in Drive to make sure all of your students are participating in group projects.

How to Create Custom Maps on My Maps (Formerly Google Maps Engine Lite) - (I have used this one for vacation-trip planning too!) 

Amazing... I did not know you could do this in Google Presentations: The days of dry slideshows are over. Get creative with dynamic Google Slides and get your students talking.  (This would take some time! ... but cool.) 

Google Classroom -Google Classroom - More on this great product!

Doctopus + Classroom + Goobric = One awesome combination. This 10 minute YouTube = One awesome combination. This 10 minute YouTube will show you how.  Just watch it!

Google Classroom tutorial playlist - Nice set of YouTube videos to get you going with this great Classroom resource.

Google Classroom resources: Nice set of resources in this LiveBinder.


How to Add Free Apps to Your Edmodo Group.  Edmodo is an awesome LMS system that's free for teachers. 

Android Apps:

Android 4 Schools» Peter Pig’s Money Counter Helps Students Learn About Money

IOS Apps and Tips:

Saving Images with Google+ on Shared iPads - a unique idea

Vizzywig - Video Editor Movie Maker and Multi-Camera Film Edit Effects Slideshow Music Editing Credits App - Free Today (9-14-14)  <--- Normally $29.99

iTunes U:
If you have an iPad... many people do not realize all of the free content, classes, books and more that are availble!  Here's one... 
Learn the core concepts of organic chemistry from

Here's Harvard on iTunesU

1000 Free Online Courses from Top Universities - Just a list to peak your interest. 


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