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Awesome Google announcements, Apps and more in this end of week list!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Google Apps:

Google Forms gets some more updates!  You can now shuffle questions, and more...

WOW - This is big! WOW - Drive for Education: The 21st century backpack for students. Unlimited Google Drive for EDU and more!

Fresh off the Google updates alerts... one for the math teachers...

Your work depends on the best solutions to some tough problems. Whether you're working to optimize distribution networks or delivery routes, or simply getting the best staff schedules and optimizing your finances, the Google Sheets add-on for linear optimization can now help you do the math.

This add-on is one of many available. Remember to check out the complete store for Docs and Sheets often--more useful tools are being added each week

Google for Education Newsletter

Google Classroom:

Google Classroom: Numbering Assignments... as quoted from the article- "The more I use Google Classroom the more I am liking numbering my assignments." Other teachers use the YYYYMMDDprojectname naming method, but whatever works for you!

Check out my Google Classroom tips and tricks sheet, with some great links to video tutorials as well.


123D Catch by Autodesk is a free app that lets you create 3D scans of virtually any object. They just released their Android version too!

Create Mind Maps and Flow Charts With Lucidchart for iPad - Remember, we have this free for EDU accounts, and is added to our Google Apps.  Lucid Chart and Lucid Press are two amazing tools EVERY TEACHER has a use for!


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