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BAM! Free music, amazing web tools, Google tools... and even a cheap TV in this post. Everything but the kitchen sink! LOL

Friday, January 23, 2015

Web sites and tech tools:

How to Import Quizzes Into Socrative -  (If you have not looked at Socrative - Now might be the time. Who needs clickers when you have this great tool!) 

How to create a table of contents in Evernote.

Mentimeter is a tool that allows a teacher to easily take a class poll or check for learning.  I have mentioned this one in the past and saw it showcased in a recent tech session.

Looking for great K-12 educational websites? has a ton of them. This one has some big-time donations behind it, and has been around for several years... so I am betting it will stay as a free site.

Resources from Mickie Mueller (@mickie_mueller) sessions at ESU 8 Winter Workshop - Mickie's resources rock!  Google Classroom - Cool Assesment Tools - and Creating on the Chromebooks have some amazing resources! (Mickie's site includes Socrative mentioned above too!) 

How to Create a Review Game on - another great resource from Richard Bryne! 

PodOmatic is a nice site for creating and finding podcasts on a variety of subjects. Here is nice podcast on Google searching with students.

Digital Storytelling with Comicshead (Website & Apps)

Some great math apps and resources- compliments of Lenny Vermaas -Check out his web page for some more great resources. The following came from a workshop I attended, and apps he selected from his apps page. <--

Some great apps by by Math Playground

Get the ESTIMATION GAME where YOU make the questions - check out the Questimate app great for teaching estimating.

Motion Math: Zoom - One of the few app's that Lenny recommends that's not free. ($2.99)

Bedtime Math by Bedtime Math Foundation
MathTappers: Numberline - a math game to help children learn whole numbers, integers & real numbers

Math Tappers have a host of free apps for the iPhone. (Remember, you ican still use these on iPads too!)

Google apps and tools:

Need a Drive refresher?  Quick Tutorial for the New Google Drive (2015) - This short 6 minute video will do the trick!

80+ Google Forms for the classroom - this is a great collection!

Are you trying to turn a document quiz into a Google Form? Here's an efficient way to convert it: 
Doc to Form allows users to quickly and easily create a Google Form from text within a Google Document. It's perfect for converting worksheets into Forms. This short 1 1/2 minute video will walk you through the process. WOW one more great add-in to Google Docs. 

UPDATES to Google apps-- 

Google Forms: Streamline your Data with FilterRoster Script - In short, you collect data in a form, but it dumps it into one big Google spreadsheet.  This script, makes a spreadsheet tab for each student, so when they submit the form data, it puts it into their tab as well.  Pretty slick! 

6 things you should know how to do in the new Google Sheets - Some nice short training videos- I love them! 

Holly Batman -- Gamify reviews with a Google Sheet! 
Turn a Google Sheet into a quiz show with a template and - Check it out!

Google Classroom:

Everything Teachers Need to Know about GoogleClassroom - 

With the Classroom mobile app for Android and iOS, students can now share to Classroom from other apps, making it a breeze to add things - like diagrams and flash cards - to assignments. 30 second video demos this one! 

YouTube tools:
How to Create an Interactive YouTube Video (YouTube Annotations) Short 7-minute how-to video.

These two resources do not totally fit under the YouTube category, but most of us will use them with YouTube... so here you go:
Awesome video to compare Zaption and EdPuzzle.  (I mentioned EdPuzzle a few weeks ago in my email/blog.)  These tools make videos ineractive and can even add assesments.  It assures you that students are watching your "flipped videos". 


Get Free eCopies of Class Books on Forgotten Books -

A couple bonus deals:

Google Play Store has Motley Crue: The Greatest Hits (MP3 Digital Album Download) for Free. Add it to your Google Play account while it's free. (You can add it to both your and your gmail account.)  Hey... who doesn't want the song "Smokin in the Boys Room."  LOL

Need a spare TV for the guest room - 32" Samsung 720p LED HDTV + $125 Dell eGift Card on sale for $217.99 (gift card will automatically apply at checkout). Shipping is free. (Gift card emailed 10-15 days later.)


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