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Friday, January 16, 2015

Web tools and sites: 

A Couple of Graphing Calculators for Your Chrome Browser via Free Technology for Teachers-

An oldie... (Well only about 5 years, but that's old in Internet terms!) Have you used Prezi before? This is a cool example of what you can do.... My love for books  Students and teachers receive free plans with their Education Program

In my last "tech tools" I mentioned Edpuzzle.  Well Josh Allen messaged me with an EDpuzzle he created that combines a PowToons presentation with the interaction of EdPuzzle.  Pretty cool... thanks Josh!  

Via @tonyvincent (Great resource to follow on Twitter) Did you see the 10 links I shared in 2014 that got the most clicks?  Here the are!

Best EdTech Websites of 2014 -

5 Favorite Apps for Language Learning: If you have an inkling to try your hand at project-based language learning (aka "PBLL”)... there are some nice tips in this list.

10 Charts Comparing Popular Ed Tech Tools - <--- added this one to my Google Drive! Great resource from Richard Byrne (@rmbyrne)

Apps and Tips:
Shared this one already with a direct email... but had to list it here again! Ever want to quickly share some pictures from your phone or ipad with your classroom? This is so dead simple... a monkey could do it! Directions are here. (Apple IOS only.) ghump makes it happen! 

Article: The best video editing apps for iPad Nice list with a few free ones on the list. I tried the givit app (free) and it worked pretty good! 

Evernote Scannable - A new app by Evernote for scanning docs, business cards, papers and more. Free, and does not require an Evernote account to use. Cnet's article will get you started... Getting started with Evernote Scannable

Never get lost again. Try the new Google Translate app, for Android and iOS →

Google Apps & Tips:

An All Day event in Google Calendar can be a great way to block off days when you're out of the office or an important event is happening with a flexible timeframe. Unfortunately, Google hasn't allowed you to customize when you receive these event notifications...until now! -Nice 2 minute how-to video

What's New in Google Apps Newsletter - December 2014 

Google Classroom:

Five New Google Classroom Features Teachers Should Know about! 

Gooru's Google Apps resources

The Gooru’s Top 10 of 2014 - These short training videos to Google Apps topics are worth a look.  (I subscribe to the Gooru's email list as well as follow them on Twitter.)  The first tip is great -  How to attach an email (to another email) in Gmail

Today's Top Post from the Gooru - Quick Sum can help save a ton of time in Google Spreadsheets <-- Great tip if you use Google Sheets! 


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