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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Norris staff attending the York MLK in-service day. - Tip

Make sure you take some time to create a free Sched account and select the sessions you plan to attend. 

After you have selected your sessions, you can view/print just your schedule by clicking on your account in the upper right-hand corner and then going to My Sched. 

Better yet - view your schedule on your phone: (Bookmark this on the phone!) 

Mobile setup can be found here: 

Misc. Tech tools/sites:

Free IOS app:  PicCollage EDU for iOS is free this month (usually $1.99). It's a safe photo editor for schools.  

Another great tip from @tonyvincent   - Follow him on Twitter for more great stuff.

The GoogleClassroom iOS and Android apps have the ability to markup assignments. A teacher can use a finger or a stylus to add colorful annotations, handwriting, and highlighting.

Pexels Videos offers hundreds of short videos that you can download for free and re-use in your own video productions.  Try Pexels Videos to Find Green Screen Backgrounds

Take Animated Virtual Reality Tours of Ancient Rome at Its Architectural Peak (Circa 320 AD).

New free mini-book has a chart that compares next-generation storytelling technologies: 3D, AR, 360°, VR, & Hologram. 

Richard Byrne's Video Tutorials on a variety of Google tools and subject.  250+ great tutorials in this Youtube Playlist. 

Engage Your Class with These Fun Online Math Games - 2 Minute Read ᛫ Epson ᛫ November 29, 2018
  • Notice how the Math Playground one (K-6) integrates with Google Classroom. (Not everything on Math Playground is free. You will notice the example Middle School one they give is for premium (Paid) members only.) 

Wow! 100+ teaching and learning strategies! Flip a card to read about the strategy. You can download PDFs and PowerPoints.  (Unfortunately, this site only works on Chrome on the desktop)  From Tony V - I'm really digging the Why-Lighting strategy! "Students highlight text then write why they highlighted what they did in the margins of the document." Or, they can highlight in a digital document and add a comment with their reason for highlighting.  

PowerSchool Gradebook tip - How to Copy Assignments from One Semester (or Year) to the Next.  
Thanks to Janelle Coady for doing this Screencastify video on how to do this.  

FlipGrid - The leading video discussion platform for millions of PreK to Ph.D. educators, students, and families. This one makes my top 25 list! - 

The gang @flipgrid just released Integration docs.  a collection of subject and age-specific integration docs from the Flipgrid Educator Innovation Leads Each doc is packed with resources and ideas for amplifying your students.

This is one of those tools that will always be free!  (Microsoft purchased them and it's a part of their strategy.) 

If you have not checked it out yet and have questions - Feel free to drop Jason or me an email and we will help.  Betsy Barent also did a session at our summer boot camp on this great tool so she would be a great resource as well!   

Make PDFs Interactive with Kami. 

We love GoogleDocs, but sometimes we still have a use for PDF's and Kami is one to keep in the tech tool belt.  This article will walk you through the process. Make PDFs Interactive with Kami. 

Create your own Virtual tour: (I noticed there is a session on this at the YorkMLK day!) 
Visit   -  You may already familiar with Google Expeditions, a virtual reality platform that lets users experience hundreds of places in the world in 3D. But what you might not know is that you can now create your own tours using Tour Creator. This tool enables us to create your own tours, using imagery from Google Street View or our own 360 photos, then publish them right into Poly, Google’s library of free VR and AR objects.

Note - (Here at Norris we have VR-Viewers in the IS and MS buildings that can be utilized throughout the district. 

Great back-channel resource - YoTeach! 

TodaysMeet is gone.... but YoTeach has you covered! Just set up a free room, give your students the URL, and everyone can come on in and chat just like they did on TodaysMeet. What’s even better is that you can password protect your room, participants can add pictures and drawings in the chat, and rooms don’t appear to ever expire. 

No more having students raise their hands - CLASSROOMQ to the rescue! Rather than have them wait with their hands up or get off-task, have them add their name to a digital queue. (They can even add an optional note about what they need.) The teacher sees the names in the order they were submitted, and once the student has met with the teacher, their name can be checked off with a single click.  Great for our 1-1 Chromebook classrooms! 

Applied Digital Skills - Google's curriculum at your fingertips!


Remember - This curriculum is a part of WorkBench that we have deployed at Norris. (Your students and classes are already setup! ...and it does integrate with Google Classroom too.) 

Sample lesson: 
Time 45 - 90 minutes    

Make digital notes in an article to increase your understanding of what you read. 

Great for: Clarifying questions, helping students remember what they read, consolidating thoughts to participate in class discussions, studying for exams. 
SKILLS TAUGHT: Researching a topic & Document formatting
AUDIENCE:  Middle School & High School

New to Google's curriculum - get started in less than 3 minutes! 
Sign Up
1. Sign in or sign up 
Visit our website and click “Sign in” or “Sign up” in the top-right corner. You’ll use your Google account (or set one up) to log in.
2. Create a class.  (It works with Google Classroom too!) 
Click the “plus” sign at the bottom of your screen to create a new class and give it a name (e.g. third-period science). 

3. Add lessons and students
Click “Add lessons” to explore the curriculum and choose a lesson for the class you’ve just created.

WEBJETS - It's like Padlet on steroids.  Similar to Padlet, users create boards where they gather items on cards, placing these on a desktop that feels like a bulletin board. Their free plans give you enough to make it a nice occasional tool for the classroom. 

A card can contain an image, an embedded video, a live Google Doc, an attached file, or a table containing a variety of elements organized into columns. Probably the best feature is that cards can be collected into folders, where the items are listed along the left, and the selected item appears in a larger window on the right. You can keep multiple folders on one board, and all cards can be collapsed or expanded, making it easy to neatly collect large amounts of resources all in one place. Webjets would be a great, flexible tool for group projects or task curation, whether it’s done by you or your students.

160+ Chrome Apps and Extensions for Teachers and Students - from Kasey Bell's shake-up learning site. 

Remember, here at Norris students are only allowed to install apps and extensions that are approved.  Here is our current list of approved apps/extensions for students.  If you need any added, let us know! 

What's coming in Gsuite -
Embed Google Drawings in Google Docs -  Posted: 07 Jan 2019 10:51 AM PST

What’s changing 

Now you can embed Google Drawings files saved in Drive into Google Docs and update the content of linked drawings embedded in Docs. When the source file is updated, you’ll see an “Update” button in the upper right-hand corner of the embedded drawing.

Posted: 07 Jan 2019 10:07 AM PST

What’s changing

Now, when you’re working on a chart in Sheets, you can give a design element (such as a bar on a bar graph or a point or line on a line graph) a unique color, instead of all similar elements being the same color. This works for bar charts, column charts, line charts, scatter charts and for certain series in combination charts.


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