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Friday, January 25, 2019

Congratulations to Jessie Andre on her winning NETA entry! Mystery Unit: Using Technology to foster creative writing.  If you are not a NETA member - remember it's free to join <--Join now! and opens you up for some great classroom grants to apply for!

Misc. Tech Tools:
Google's New Chrome Canvas web app for drawing is simple, free, and works well on Chromebooks!  (You can import images too.) 

Headliner is a web-based video maker. It's totally free with no limits. Headliner is not quite a full video editor—it’s designed to illustrate audio, somewhat like Adobe Spark Video. - A tool worth looking at! 

Check out this great article on free images for your classes, presentations, etc...

Great resource for Free Images for use within your classes. 

Speakd, give voice to your writings - Google Doc Addon.  Simple but works well in a Google Doc. 

Category Tabs for Google Keep - Nice extension! THX ⁩ at for this tip.

image.pngPlotagon Story - a nice IOS app for animated movie creation - thanks and day for this tip!  

Ditch That Textbook - More great resources. 
Matt Millers Ditch That Textbook site has many great resources.  Did you know they do a virtual summit with many great speakers?  I have put together a site with links to their  Ditch Summit Resources.  Some great videos and topics in this listing. 

Force Users to Make a Copy of a Google Doc! Make a copy = /copy  Force preview = /preview Template = /template/preview  Or /export?format=pdf (How to Share Links to Your Google Doc as a PDF)
Norris Social Media News: 

Our complete listing of social media channels can be found here

At Norris, we have been with Google on this venture for many years. Do you remember these... Pretty cool graphic showing the evolution since 2006.  Remember Google Slides being introduced in 2007? Drive & Forms in 2012.. WOW. 
  • 80 million students and educators using G Suite for Education
  • 1 billion monthly Google Drive users with over 1 trillion files stored
  • 1.5 billion Gmail monthly active users

A free Sam's Club Membership (For new members)- Yep, I like to pass along a few deals that I run across.  More info here

A few Highlights from the January 2019 The Google for Education newsletter:

G Suite for Education News
Drag and drop on the Classwork page in Google ClassroomWe recently launched a redesign to Google Classroom with a sleek, new look to help teachers better customize their pages. In addition, teachers can now drag and drop assignments and topics in the Classwork page. There are also new First Day trainings in the Teacher Center and our new and improved Help Center, which combines with our Community and Product forums.
Accessibility Features in Google Tools
We believe in building tools that aim to reach all learners. Ready to learn about the accessibility features built into all of our products? From visual aids to voice typing and from closed captions to screen readers, learn how to customize these settings today.

EDU in 90 is BackOur video series EDU in 90 is back for season four! Based on your feedback, we've kicked things off with episodes including updates on Google Classroom, computer science, and ideas from educators for using Hangouts Meet in the classroom.


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