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Miscellaneous Educational Resources 11-5-12

Monday, November 5, 2012

Web and general educational resources
***Look at this one for sure ---> If you have never used this site... This is the Gem of the year for you! Cybrary Man's Educational Web Sites  The internet catalog for students, teachers, administrators & parents. Over 20,000 relevant links personally selected by an educator/author with over 30 years of experience

Inspiring Apps and web resources --  60 great apps and sites.  This is a great slide show/deck with some great websites.  I highly recommend teachers to take a look at these great resources.

If you want to poll your audience... but do not have clickers.... this is a Great tool!  And the basics are all free:   And if you are looking at Clicker functionality that can be used from a website or apps for IOS and Android... remember Designed as a student response system (Think clickers) can also use it as an audience response system too. 

Message your class ....  A safe way for teachers to text message students and stay in touch with parents. Free. No Cell numbers are shared, it uses a code to "join" your text list. Check it out: (I have mentioned this one in the past!) 

If you are a  elementary (or Possibly a middle school) teacher and have not tried this simple classroom behavior management site out... you are missing one great tool!  All it takes is your computer and projector and 10 minutes to setup your account and classroom and you are ready to go.  Give it a try...  I am pretty sure many of you will find this to be a great behavior management tool.    As I recently Tweeted... "Elementary teachers that have not used this free behavior mgt tool are missing out. rocks  #nebedu #edchat"

Into using QR codes?  Then this sight might be a great one for creating and managing them, including reports and analytics. 

One Hundred Free Books for Your Kindle

Want some great open educational resources to develop your first ebook or help with putting together your curriculum or online class or website???  Read my latest Blog article:  "Open Educational Resources (OER) may assist the 1to1 and ebook initiatives in schools 

Finding Free Web Apps Made Easy!  AppAppeal is the most comprehensive directory of web apps. (Well, that's what they claim anyway..... I am not sure about that, but it's a pretty good list anyway.) They offer quality reviews and comparisons so you can discover the best web apps. Apps are ranked by worldwide popularity.

A nice iPad site with links to apps by building level:

A Chrome Extension that allows the PowerSchool grade book on a Chromebook!

Rndr enables you to use Chromebook and the Chrome browser to seamlessly access web applications that require Java, Silverlight, Flash, Shockwave, GoToMeeting and other plugins normally used with Internet Explorer. May not work 100% on every site, but does seem to work for our PowerSchool Gradebook and some other sites. Thanks to Josh Murtaugh for finding this one!

Remember, for Norris Staff your Google Drive under the shared folder called "Norris Tech Docs and Info STAFF SHARE" there are several great docs on Google Chrome and some great extensions you will want to look at.  Here is just one of them: Chomebooks, extensions and the Google Chrome browser.

More Google Resources:

The Google Apps for Education Recorded Webinars page, has some nice recorded sessions on a variety of topics. 

Some resources for staff: 

This article has several great resources for teachers including lesson plans, video lessons and more. 


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