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Miscellaneous Educational Resources 11-7-12

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Web sites and resources for staff and students

 Good math website for young pre-algebra learners 

GmapGIS is a free tool for marking and drawing on maps without having to create or use a Google account:

Another nice feature from Diigo - make a slide show from websites and embed your RSS feed:

50 Apps Students Will Be Using In Your Classroom - Edudemic Article

Using Twitter???  TeachThought-- The Complete Guide To Twitter Hashtags In Education  

Are you teaching kids tech skills? If not... you/we are probably failing them.  Do not make assumptions, many of us find are finding this true! The Fallacy of Digital Natives. 

6435 Free PowerPoint Templates and Backgrounds by Presentation Magazine.  But Wait! We do not have PowerPoint anymore.  Well, these dowload as PPT files, but remember OpenOffice as well as Google Docs will use and/or convert these to their formats as well. 

Free Graphing Calculator anyone?
This baby works through a web browser, and works on iPads, Chromebooks, etc.... New features added to free Desmos online graphing calculator; great for your BYOD program:  (The Chrome app is here).

Speaking of Graphing calculators -- Google Is Now a Graphing Calculator! 

Split Google Chrome into two windows with Tab Scissors - Ghacks Technology News

20 Little-Known Web Resources For Teachers…   It includes... SumDog for math games,  SumoPaint - Amazing drawing tool right from your browser, AWW (A free Whiteboard), and More! 

Some nice IOS (iPad/iPhone) apps, tips, and more!

A list of 10 iPad resources and 5 Smart Phones (Mobile Learning Devices) resources from The Mobile Native blog, by Scott Newcomb.  His list includes these gems and more: TCEA's list of resources.    This includes their list of iPad Apps Separated by Subject Area. (We have shared this in the past!) 

These are some amazing bookmarklet to add to your iPhone/iPad.  Useful Bookmarklets for your iPad and iPhone. Make sure you read the directions to get these to work properly!!!

A free iPad App for the day!

Free IOS App for a limited time: 
Coin Math  Great for teaching kids Money Counting skills and math. 

And something to Ponder... 
I follow an assistant professor at Iowa State, Scott McLeod (@mcleod), who recently put this tweet out, hopefully none of us fall into this category at Norris.  "Majority of Teachers Take No Responsibility For Lack Of Student Classroom Engagement short 2 minute read. 


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