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Miscellaneous Educational Resources 11-26-12

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Google+ just released! Our early Thanksgiving present to EDU.
Google+ is now open for K-12 Google Apps. We have enabled it for all teachers here at Norris. (We can enable it for students if staff have a need for their students to use this service, but that will come at a later date for our Norris Google Apps.) I just put together a quick overview in this blog article:  We will be putting together a few inservices for this in the next several weeks, so watch your emails! 

Some great websites and tools for education. 

IOS apps anyone? Some more great apps for your IOS (iphone/iPad) devices. 

If you have not seen the Nearpod app, now is the time! Check out this nice article: How The Nearpod iPad App Changed An Entire School 

Some Android tools for your Android Phones or Tablets:

For the more advanced Google users ....  here  is a script to manage student projects in Google Docs. Doctopus. 

A couple amazing web 2.0 tools you have to check out!!!
I may think I may of saved the best for last in this posting, these are amazing!!!! 
  • Remix web content - video, maps, links, text, etc. using PopcornMaker: Check out the TED video to watch it work 
  • Dynamic,math,paper,graph,interactive,teacher,tools from Illuminations by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics -- Check it out!!! (Does not work from an iPad) 


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