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Some Apps, sites and tools for the week! (Nice Scanner app for the iPad is free today!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Web sites and tools

Daum Equation Editor is a Chrome Extension that adds an equation editor into Chrome. 

Free Technology for Teachers: Three Good Tools for Building Flipped Lessons That Include Assessment Tools

From Kyle Steinkuhler (@KSteink
Beginning projects on Native Americans with students, just showed them A great resource! (Research any topic with an interactive concept map, that you can customize and share.)

I have been promoting Remind lately... and here is another tip: Video - How to Embed Remind (101) Messages Into Blogger and Google Sites - Short 5 minute YouTube

IOS Apps, tips and tricks:

iOS 8 Tips and Tricks for Teachers and Students - A nice 10 minute YouTube by Tony Vincent.  I would subscribe to his YouTube channel. 

A couple free eBooks with iPad apps.  These are in ePub format, so this site, also recommends a nice Chrome extension Readium for reading ePub format eBooks. (At Norris, I have placed them eBooks on the N drive under our eBooks folder.) 

CamScanner HD Pro for the iPad is free today 10-23-14. (Reg. $4.99)  nice scanning app!

Android Apps and tips:
Two Free Android Apps for Creating Flipped Lesson Videos 

Google Apps and Tools:

gMath for Google Sheets is worth checking out. Create graphs and complex math directly from the sidebar into a cell in your Google Sheet. 

Do your research and write your essay all in one place with these 3 easy steps. Using the Google research tool 

New feature - Google+ polls lets you create a poll to share with your Community:

Google Docs handles numbered lists in an automatic way that can mess with MLA formatting... and drive you crazy when you do not want that automatic numbering. Here is a video on how to work around this:

Manage Revisions is finally available in the New Google Drive -a nice 2 minute YouTube. Manage Revisions was available in the previous version of Google Drive, but it just now made its way to the new Drive. This is great for those of you working with images Office files, as well as PDFs and much more!

If you have not switched to the new Google Drive - Learn more in this 2 minute YouTube.  

 5 Great Online Tools for Creating Infographics: 

10 Fun Tools To Easily Make Your Own Infographics

Some people include Lucid Charts in the infographic tools.  (We have that one added to Google Apps in our domain.) 

A twist on clickers:
Don't have clickers... but would like to check out this tip from out very own Becky Wilhelm:

I just tried out Plickers with one of my classes. I had a lot of doubts on how well this app would work, and I was pleasantly surprised. It worked great! Even better for me, it can be used with large classes and kids don't need devices. It was easy to set up (but some trial and error was necessary because they don't have very good directions). This is slick and I will definitely use it again. If you have a teacher that wants to use clickers but do not have them, I would suggest you check Plickers out.

Socrative is another great choice for "clicker" use. 

Mobile voice survey reveals teens love to talk... but adults are not too far away: Google blog Article (Graphic Below from this article.)


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