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This weeks list of great tech tools, sites and tips... and is Facebook dying with the teen population?

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Staying up with our teens:

Think Facebook is the "Hot Social Network" for the teens... think again via @pcworld -Checkout the research here. Are we keeping up with these kids...

Speaking of that...

Meet kids at their own level... Text messages!  Videos to Help You Get Started sending text message reminders through Remind (101)  They have also launched a Chrome App for communicating with students and their parents.

Websites, tools and tips:

PBS LearningMedia is a completely free service that brings over 87,000 trusted digital educational videos, podcasts, maps and more to preK–12 classrooms. See this PBS LearningMedia Teacher Review for more info. 

Sources of Free Sound Effects and Music for Multimedia Projects.

Awesome place to find images is Pixabay. All images are public domain--no copyright issues!

How to Use AudioBoom to Create Short Audio Recordings

Free Technology for Teachers: 20 Good Map Creation Tools for Students

Google apps and tools:

12 Google Apps Updates You Might Have Missed During September - from TheGoogleGooru (@TheGoogleGooru)

Chromebook 101: Getting More Productivity Out Of Your Chromebook - A 12 minute YouTube

How to Insert Special Characters Into Google Documents

How to Adjust Colors and Add Filters to Images in Google Slides -  Here is a short 2 minute video on "How-To

From SAT prep to virtual road trips, expand your classroom with Google Hangouts via

Google Apps Update | Spell Check in Google Sheets

Google News & Weather app is now available in the App Store. Check it out →

Practical Ed Tech Tip of the Week – Some great video tutorials from Richard Bryne:
One playlist is just about Google Tips and Tricks. The other playlist contains how-to videos for his favorite non-Google apps and websites. 
These are some awesome YouTube Playlists:

Tricks: Search Google Drive - Filtering your search

There's a new Hangouts desktop app and Polls for Google+

Close that browser and chat right from your desktop with the new Hangouts Chrome app →  <--this one is pretty cool, just installed it tonight. (Call any phone in the world for free too!)

I have mentioned this one in the past... but worth another look if you are not using it. Take a look at the Kaizena for Google Docs Add-on. Great way to give verbal feedback on a Doc! -Short 5 minute video here.

Coming to our Google Apps EDU domain soon... unlimited Google Drive Space!  Be ready to upload all of your videos... and we will soon be saying good by to the V drive (local storage) here at Norris. 

A few great resources from our very own Media specialist - Megan Huenemann, (These were previously sent out the HS staff.) 


If you want to have your students learn how to code, or want to practice the skill yourself use codeacademy.comIf you want to have your students learn how to code, or want to practice the skill yourself use  Or download the codeacademy app. This is a great free resource to help learn a basic understanding of what coding is and what it looks like. 

3-D Printing - A CAD software program where you can design items for 3-D printing or laser cutting. 

Draw up whatever shape you want and cookiecaster will transform it into a cookie cutter that can be exported as a 3-D printer file, the site also suggests other sites where you can get your download designed printed and shipped to you. 

Hands on 3D

Zspace- allows for immersive virtual technology. Pricey right now, but this is going to be an amazing tool in the future! See the video on their website about how this technology works. ZSpace.  Here is the 30 second video on YouTube <--- You have to watch this, Amazing!


Too noisy is an app designed to help students recognize appropriate volume levels for conversations. It can measure volume in a room and display a meter that shows if it is too loud. May be good to use with group work.  Too Noisy Free Ap in a room and display a meter that shows if it is too loud. May be good to use with group work.  Too Noisy Free App.


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