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Miscellaneous Educational Resources 9-21-12

Friday, September 21, 2012

Miscellaneous Educational Resources

I send a lot of tech resources out to my staff, so from here on out, I will be putting these on my blog as well. Enjoy.

Create Appointment Slots on a Google Calendar
Wow... want parents, students, or others to signup for appointments on a calendar that you make... you can now do this!  Create Appointment Slots on a Google Calendar

Google Drive (Formally Docs)
An Updated 63 Page Guide to Google Drive and Docs  By Richard Byrne (@rmbyrne)  This is a great resource!  Article here    View Full Screen

Google Drive app for IOS and Android
You can now edit all of your Google Docs with the IOS and Android apps. Find out more here if you like:  Writing on the go: Google Drive for iOS and Android

Google Chrome Extensions
I think the web browser can be the most overlooked tool we have, especially with Chrome.  IF you are not familiar with many of the extentions you can add, and the programs that you add to Chrome, you are missing out.  And once you setup the computer to sync, it's an awesome tool for students and staff.  Here is my Google doc with a great list of some extensions you will want to look at. Chrome Extensions

Here is one example of another great program to add to chrome: 

Video resources
15 great video sites for educators:…

Free Technology for Teachers: 5 Alternatives to Aviary for Creating Audio Online
Last month Aviary announced that they will be shuttering their online audio and image editing tools on September 15.  They had some awesome apps including image editing too. 

Free Google Course builder - But only for advanced/techy users. 
Check out the free Google Course Builder (some HTML knowledge required):…

iPad and IOS resources: 

Free IOS (iPad/iPhone) apps for a limited time.
Free iOS apps today: MyBrushes Pro (normally $4.99); Learn Numbers for Kids 

Who needs clickers when you have iPads in a classroom?
This may be more applicable with 1-to-1 iPad schools, because I am not sure you want to check out iPads to just use them as clickers.... borrow someone's clickers instead....but here are a few cool apps: 
eClicker and Socrative --  great article here. 
InfuseLearning is a breakthrough virtual learner response solution. 

iTunesU  - Have you loaded the app??  Have you looked at the free classes??  - Now might be the time. 
Creative Writing: A Master Class by Academy of Achievement  Looks like a great #iTunesU course for selected teachers and students…


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