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Wanna mirror your Android device to your Apple TV... this app accomplishes part of the task.

Monday, September 10, 2012

iMedia share is a nice little app for your Android phone or tablet that lets you use the Apple AirPlay to stream content from your Android device to your Apple TV.  (The also have an IOS version but I have not tested it yet.) We have deployed Apple TV's in a big way within our school district for one major reason.  The ability to mirror the iPad (Or other IOS devices) to the Apple TV's hooked up to ceiling mounted projectors.  This solution turns the iPad into a valuable device for educators. Now with the iMedia share on the Android devices, you can do some similar things.  I am rating this as a 4 star app, for the simple reason it does not totally mirror the device, but does mirror many streaming contents. This function is similar to using Airplay to stream a YouTube video from the iPad.

In my tests this app works great for streaming a lot of different video sources right to your Apple TV.  The app may be worth downloading even if you do not have an Apple TV, for the simple fact that it arranges a lot of great video sources into one nice app interface.  They have a lite version (Which is what I tested) and a paid version for $4.99 that adds even more features. (The lite version has ads.)

This app is definitely worth downloading if you have an Android device! (I would guess that is true for their IOS app as well.)  I would give a full 5 out of 5 stars if it did true mirroring of the entire device, which would be invaluable for the Android devices.   Thanks to my friend Joe Gehr (@joegehr ) for turning me onto this app.  The man is a phone and gadget freak and wealth of information!

There are some similar apps, AppleTV AirPlay Media Player, but it does require you to create an online account. It streams media similar to the iMedia share app, but does not offer true "mirroring" of the entire device.


city said...

thanks for sharing.

Yann Toole said...

your title suggests that this is a mirroring solution for android to apple TV, when in actuality, mirroring is not possible with this app. wtf???

Noel Erskine said...

Sorry if the title was misleading, I didn't mean for it to be. It does not do the full mirroring. (Notice my comment on giving it 4 stars instead of 5.) It does mirror a lot of content, but does not do full mirroring like the iPad2 or "The New iPad" does.

Megamancito said...

Then correct your title please.

Noel Erskine said...

Title has been updated. But remember mirroring refers to sending media to the AppleTV device (Which this does.) and totally mirroring the entire device screen/GUI to the AppleTV (Which these apps do not.) My understanding is there are no apps to do this yet, but they may be coming down the road.

marco rossi said...

No my friend, this app just send few medias to Apple Tv... an iOS device mirrors on Apple Tv.
Mirroring comes from mirror!
Totally or partially mirroring is an idea of yours, so this app DOES NOT mirror, easy...

Veronica Pargas said...

Thank you for your suggestion about mirroring is a solution for android to apple TV, I appreciate your idea.

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