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Miscellaneous Educational Resources 9-24-12

Monday, September 24, 2012

Miscellaneous Educational Resources

I send a lot of tech resources out to my staff, so from here on out, I will be putting these on my blog as well. Enjoy.

Make your own eBooks on your iPad from a web page
Create an epub books directly on the ipad from webpages, etc. and add to your ibooks

Thinking about creating an iBook with your Mac? This is the Monster List of iBook Tutorials  you will want to checkout these tools from Class Widgets, as well as a ton of other resources on this site.

If you are looking for a classroom behavior management solution for a grade K-6 classroom - This may be the answer! 
If you have not looked at ClassDoJo, you may want ot do it.  It has been getting great reviews by elementary teachers across the Internet. It is a classroom behavior managment program that seems to work.
How much does it cost?  ClassDojo will be free for teachers who are part of our beta test group. There are a limited number of places available in this group, so sign up below to be a part of it!
Now You Can Use ClassDojo on Your iPad

100+ Google Tricks for Teachers

A Quick Start Guide for Using YouTube's Editing Tools

New to a MAC?  
This is a great program for learning all the keybaord shortcuts: 
A Cheat Sheet for Mac Keyboard Shortcuts: 

A set of great tools
Free Technology for Teachers: Create Cool Things on Creaza Education   Online Video Editing, cartoon creator, audio, mind mapping and more!

For the Science Teachers: 
Fabulous online chemistry periodic table reference:

A few awesome web 2.0 tools:
Use the Newspaper Clipping Generator to have students write news stories about novels, historic events, and more:

Mentimeter is a Web 2.0 version of clicker response system; perfect for fast polls with no registration required:

Interactive Tools & Sites that JIVE with the iPad - A Listly List

Handy You Tube Tools for Teachers:

Use Alphabetimals ( to create cute animal letters for your elementary classroom.  (Use your screen capture tool, and you can see what I did to create the signature for this blog article.) 

Do you Tweet?
The Best 15 Twitter Hashtags for Teachers

Want some Apps??
100 iPad Apps Perfect For Middle School


And using one of the above tools..... here is my signature for this blog article:


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