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Free video editing service in the cloud for teachers.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Here is a great option for free video editing in the cloud. No software to install!
Video Editing Service Pixorial added more storage and now offers teachers their pro accounts for free. Here is the article about this.  Follow the link in the article to request the free edu pro account. (Student can get the normal account with 7 gig of storage and basic video tools for free as well.)

There is a Chrome app for this as well: Pixorial Chrome App

Thanks Pixorial for a great product and allowing teachers to use the Pro-Version for Free! This is a win-win situation, where schools can afford and promote their product to their future audience! 

Another option for video editing in the cloud, but free version is limited: 
The other cloud video editing service I have mentioned in the past, wevideo integrates with Google Drive and seems to get good reviews and is easy to use.  The problem is the limitations of storage and export times of the videos.  Here is a link to their Chrome app: WeVideo Chrome app.


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