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Miscellaneous Educational Resources 12-19-12

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Web 2.0 tools and sites:
Student portfolios have been staple of many classrooms for years, iPads have not. This great solution for student work and portfolios works for iPads as well as computers and other devices. Uses Google Drive!   Read more about it here. 

Great List Of Web 2.0 Tools By Task:  <----- I love this list. 

Wow! Research and citing resources doesn't get any easier than this: Be sure to watch the video.

Create Digital Magazines With Glossi

Do you use Google Tasks? Check out this video on viewing tasks in Calendar and a special wide view called "Canvas" -  (Tip from this video: Want to see Google tasks in a full page view? Type: )

IOS (iPhone/iPad) free apps and tips: 

How to Use the Google Drive iPad App to Create Student Portfolios

Use this trick to Get Siri To Give you Directions via the new Google Maps app

Google releases YouTube Capture for IOS. Nice app - about time.

Old Video PRO - Free IOS app for a limited time. Make your videos look old.

Android apps and tips:
Peter Pig’s Money Counter Helps Students Learn About Money

Enjoy TED Talks Offline on Your Android Tablet

Free Holiday Music from Amazon!
Five more free Christmas songs available for download from Amazon:  (I liked 4 of them... but not sure about Twisted Sister doing a Christmas song. Call me old fashioned.) 


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