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Miscellaneous Educational Resources 12-17-12

Monday, December 17, 2012

Some Miscellaneous web sites and tools: 
A resource from one of my Twitter lists: Nine grammar games that are really addicting -  (Erskine's Note: Not all of these web sites work on iPads, due to flash and java script requirements.) 

Twitter Brings Aviary-Powered Photo Filters To Its Android And iPhone Apps 

3 great webmaker tools:  (I think this one may be one of the best on the list for the week. Amazing web 2.0 tools!) 

10 Tools for Getting the Most from Dropbox

Quickly Edit Audio With the Online Audio Cutter

10 Cell Phone Apps for Teachers

Quick & Free Screen Sharing - From Quick Screen Share. To use Quick Screen Cast just go to their website, select share your screen, and enter your name.

Webtools, no registration required. Great for students and staff alike!  A long list of some web 2.0 tools! 

Google tools
Get started using Google Drive for document sharing via TechRepublic (If you have not started, now is the time! A nice tutorial on Google docs and file sharing.) 

Working with the Bookmarks Bar in Google Chrome - Ghacks Technology News

Need some images and/or clip art?  Google just added 5,000 Stock Images for Google Drive Users

22 Useful Google Forms for Teachers and Principals

IOS (iPad and iPhone) apps. 

via (@tonyvincent) Pic Collage for iOS is updated. Combine images and text. It's one of my favorite free iPad apps:

Vocabulary & Spelling City for iPad  (This is an amazing website, and now it's power is finally available on the iPad. I know a ot of Norris elementary staff use the SpellingCity web site.) 

A great list of iPad apps for language arts.

Host iPad-based book discussions using free app Subtext

A New Place To Find Educational iPad Apps 

Introducing: Gooru Collections

Gooru, is a free add-in to Google apps that is available from the drop down menu once you have added it to your Google apps domain.  (If your school They just released a free iPad app, so I figured I would drop out an email to everyone letting you know of another great resource.

iPad app: Gooru Collections

'Tis the Season for iPad Apps! We're so excited to introduce Gooru Collections, our very first Gooru iPad App, just in time for the holidays. Showcasing a 5th-12th grade math and science library, the app makes it easy to study beautiful, curated collections of resources on your iPad, whether you're in the classroom, at home, or on the road.  As always, we encourage you to share your feedback and ideas for improvement as we continue to work on future versions.

The best part? Just like, it's completely free.  Download it now from the App Store or watch the video to get started.

OK, not education related, but really cool!  (Thanks to @jamenhall of ESU 6 for these cool things.)
  • Kind of an amazing product.... You can control your light from the Internet for less than 50 bucks. Kickstarter ends but Spark lives on! Pre-order your Spark Socket now for $49 at
  • Want to monitor things and environments remotely without a nerd degree? Maybe you want to get a tweet when your laundry's done, an email when the basement floods, or a text message when you left the garage door open. Check outTWINE
  • SmartThings adds intelligence to everyday things in your world, so that your life can be more awesome.


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