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Friday, December 7, 2012

Some great Web 2.0 tools and web sites: 
Aww App - A Collaborative Whiteboard that You Can Add to Your Site

The Physics Front is a free site that contains teaching resources on Physics and Physical Science:
Free Technology for Teachers: Three Free Text to Speech Tools for Schools Reads a web page to a student in various languages!  (These are some great adaptive technology tools too!)

7 Services for Sending Group Texts to Parents and Students
Another nice service for sedning Group texts. Sendhub.

Archive your favorite tweets using Diigo:  (Diigo is a great tool for bookmarking  and highlighting web sites. It's great for student research use as well. (Keeping track of resources during research, etc...) 

The group is now starting to make free iPad interactive iBooks too! CK-12 Biology Interactive Edition

Explore US History With the National Archives App 

Loopster is a good basic online video editor with a small library of sounds available:  (Notice this service is in beta)  I also recommend WeVideo that incorporates right into Google Drive. It does have a free version, but is limited. Check out the features here:

Probably the best tool that Erskine has not promoted for a while! 
Edmodo is a learning management system, that is almost to good to be true for it's price. (Free)   In fact it was so good, that three years ago after doing an in-service on it, I stopped promoting it figuring that it would become a paid service.  Boy was I wrong!  It' gotten even better, and we have missed out on a great tool!  No more baby... this guy is promoting Edmodo. It's billed as a secured social network for your classroom, but that does not do it justice. It's so much more than that.  Yes, we now have Google+ for our Google Apps, but Edmodo is what I would use with kids, combined with Google+ Hangouts.  (I am a big Hangout fan!) 
So, if I have peaked your interest.... this is a great video tutorial resource:
FREE step by step screencasts for EDMODO 
Our very own Jason Cullison @cully11 is using it, so you may want ot ask him more about it too. 

EasyBib anyone?
Here at Norris we have deployed the EasyBib add-in to our Google Apps, and it's a wonderful free tool. But here's another one that's worth a look from @rmbyrne  The EasyBib Chrome Extension Evaluates Source Credibility and Generates Citations 

Google+ Tips
Google+ Communities Makes It Easy to Create a Discussion Group 

Free IOS (iPad/iPhone) and Android apps
A really nice photo editor is free again!  Snapseed (normally $4.99) They have an Android app too! 

If you are not using Google Docs in education, you need to ask yourself... "Why"  The main reason I hear is, "Not sure".  Guess what, that's a bad reason.  Yes, there are some valid reason for a few specific files, or documents that you may choose another program to complete that specific task.  But for 95% of the time, Google Apps will do the job better. 

Google Spreadsheet tips and tricks:

Ever wanted to use the "Text-to-Columns" feature from Excel in Google Spreadsheets? With Apps Script, now you can -

Great tip for all Google Docs?
One Click Yields More Room to Work in Google Docs 


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